Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt at New Creation

Man, you never know how competitive your kids are until you see them go after eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt!!! Of course, I have NO idea where my two get it from - ha ha! Here they are at our preschool egg hunt. Kinsley had me laughing so hard, because she's so little and young to be so competitive already:) Kaden loved every minute of it and was so precious and proud of all his eggs. Let me just tell you though, my baby boy is growing up. See that puppy dog Easter basket - yep, that's basket number two that we ran out to get after my sweet boy broke down in tears the day before. He started crying after school one day and when I asked him what was wrong he informed me that he needed a new Easter basket because his other one (the one I bought for him from Pottery Barn with his name monogrammed on it) was too baby-ish. It's a sweet little chick that I just LOVE - but...I guess this is what happens when your kiddos start growing up. This was the first time he's ever been embarrassed by something that ultimately was my choice. I knew it was coming - I just didn't know it would come so soon. Luckily, he's not embarrased by me yet, at least I hope not! I'll be so sad that day! By the way, sorry mom and dad if I was ever embarrased by you - it was a phase, and I love you TONS! Anyway, they had a great time - the pics are of Kins grabbing the eggs, Kins with her teachers Kendra and Mechelle, Kaden going after eggs, proud Kaden with a basket full, and our very own Easter Bunny (Ms. Vicki)! Thanks to all who helped make this egg hunt so fun! Happy Easter! By the way, my kids do know the REAL meaning of Easter - not just all this hooplah! I'll show you some pics later about that!