Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kaden's Kindergarten Graduation, The World is a Rainbow Song:)

This is a video of my precious little boy at his Kindergarten Graduation.  How could I not cry at this!  He's so precious and is growing so quickly.  Seems like yesterday I was swinging him on our back patio at our apartment in his baby swing.  He has truly been a joy.  The litte boy is so happy, mostly skipping when he goes somewhere, he loves Star Wars and army men, and is SUPER smart, reading, drawing, and remembering...EVERYTHING!!!  We love you sweet precious Kaden, more than the whole wide world!  You are such a gift from God!

Lake Oachita, the kiddos "tubing"

My camera has been broken so forgive me for not posting in a while.  I just got it back from Nikon, but have seemed to have lost the card reader and card, so here's some videos from my Flip in the meantime!  This one is from our trip to Arkansas.  We stopped off near Little Rock after our annual family reunion to enjoy Oachita Lake with the family.  Jayna and Steve rented a boat, this tube, and skiis, we all had a WONDERFUL FUN-FILLED day!  Here's Kaden and Kinsley trying to "tube"!  Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Camping at Mount Nebo in Arkansas

Boy howdy folks this is the way memories are made!  We had a blast Memorial Day weekend with Curtis's brother and sister-in-law Kevin and Sarah, and our precious nephew Corbin!  This was only our 2nd camping trip as a family EVER!  The first camping trip was with some friends from church and was fun but cold, and this one...well...we wouldn't trade it for anything!  We love being with Kevin and Sarah and always have, it's getting even more fun now that we all have kiddos!  We met them for the weekend at a beautiful state park in Arkansas.  This place was gorgeous, up on a mountain, with huge trees, amazing views, great camp sites, a pool with a view, fun activities, hiking trails, etc.  So we get there Friday night and as we are setting up our tent it starts raining....and it doesn't stop...not even for FIVE MINUTES the whole rest of the weekend!!!  But did we let that ruin our fun...NO WAY.  So we headed to Wal-Mart, gotta visit here when you're in Arkansas, and picked up some galoshes for the kiddos and made the best of it.  All I can say is Praise God for the gazebo we bought ahead of time, that was supposed to be used for a fun eating area, etc.  It ended up over our tent, which was NOT waterproof, and kept us nice and dry:)  We had so much fun sitting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows, making smores, talking, watching the kids play, etc.  Despite the rain, some awesome memories were made, and...we just can't wait for the next trip!  Oh...and I forgot to mention...we brought a little friend home, yeah, that's right, a very stinky toad was found in one of Kaden's galoshes in his closet a few days after we got back, yeah, I said a few DAYS - man, it was nasty:)  Gotta love it!   

Here's all our cuties playing!
Kinsley and Corbin exploring.
Kevin and Sarah in the kitchen:)
Kins at the playground
Kevin and Kaden at the playground
Kins, Corbin, and Kaden having a ball!  Rain?  What rain?
Kevin and Curtis in the "kitchen":)
The family - darn the disposable camera - ya never know what you're gonna get!
the view from the pool - spectacular!
Me, Sarah, and Corbin by the fire
Kevin and Kaden by the fire
the kiddos retreated to the car for a while to watch movies - Corbin loved all the snacks Kaden and Kinsley passed along to him:O
Our trusty tent - with gazebo and tarp - this is the high life folks:)!  Hey...whatever keeps the rain outta our beds:)