Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast at School 2010

 Kinsley had a Thanksgiving Feast at school this past week!  She earned the most feathers in her headdress and therefore got to be the "chief" of her class for the day - which meant she was the line leader and the one who got to beat on the drum all the way to the feast!  It was so cute - she was sooooo proud and we were proud of her:)!

 Enjoying the food:)

 My cute little Indian "chief":)  Her Indian name was "Princess Beauty" - quite fitting if you ask me:)!!

 Poor Kaden...all of First Grade's activities were cancelled - such a bummer, I still don't know why but I thought it was pretty sad:(

We made these little photo boxes for their teachers with pictures and messages of "Thanks"!

Hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving!  Be mindful of all you have to be thankful for!!!

Leaf Crunchin' 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Projects!

 So, I LOVE a project!!!  Especially when I have a whole weekend of nothing else going on except the chance to do projects;)!!!  This little chalkboard sits on the counter in my kitchen and usually has a bible verse on it - it was NOT a project - I bought it at Kirklands, but, as a project...right now I am reminding my family this month to be thankful of something each day - the kids answers are so funny sometimes - you can see who forgets most of the time:)

 These next two projects are some I just completed with my new fave - chalkboard paint!  I found this apple crate after a neighborhood garage sale the other day - the people who owned it had it sitting out for the trash to pick up - what were they thinking????:)  I painted the whole thing with chalkboard paint and we are using it for books for now:)

 This is just one of those $1 wood frames from Michael's and I painted it with chalkboard paint - now I can change out what it says, and the picture inside for each month - just a little thing that makes me so happy!!!

And here's my project for this weekend - I found this on the curb at the same house that was getting rid of the apple crate with a sign that said "Free" - seriously?  I think they just didn't want to deal with it, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I'll kindly take it off your hands:)???  Anyway, it is going in our little craft room as a craft table but I am wanting to paint it a dark chocolate brown - and keep the silver legs - I will post pics when its finished:) 

Happy Weekend!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Carving Pumpkins 2010

 How to carve a pumpkin by Kinsley Downs:  1.  Cut off the top
2.  Try to get the goo out

 3.  If you can't get it with your hands, you get it with your scooper...

 4.  If that doesn't put your hands in again and grab the other seeds...

 5.  It looks GROSS!!!

6.  Then you carve it and it is just right!!!

Another Spooktacular Halloween Party!!!

Clone Trooper and Little Red Riding Hood got ready for another night on the town...

 Little Red Riding Hood was happy to find her good friend Katie at the party!

 Some other friends showed up and soon it was time to chow...

 After dinner there was enough time for recreation - a little pumpkin bowling hit the spot!

 And of course, boys will be boys, swords and all...

Until it was time to say goodbye to all our Halloween friends!!!

Thanks to the Peterson's for being fabulous hosts!  We had a spooktacular time:)!