Sunday, April 27, 2008


Tacky, huh??? Here are some SERIOUS blackmail pictures from the retreat this weekend! This year's theme was "promenade with the King" so Friday night we had a Tacky Prom, complete with 80's dresses, hair with wings, blue eye shadow, red lipstick, tacky sashes, and the best 80's music ever!!!! We had a blast! Pics are 1. Our church staff ladies - ha ha, Caroline, Steph (in her original prom dress -OMG!) and me, Nellie and me, Caroline, Misty, and me, and our small group!

The Met Women's Retreat!

This weekend I went to our church's annual retreat in Waxahachie! We always have so much fun there learning more about God. Friday night we stayed up until 3:30 - can't get any better than that for some quality girl time! Here are some pics...1. welcome Met ladies, 2. Our fearless leader Caroline Holzberger (aka "poopy" - it's a long story:)), 3. Stephanie, Misty and me, 4. Jana, Karen, and Me, 5. Angie, Misty, Steph, Caroline, me, adn Jana. SO FUN!!!!

Camping with Friends

We love our friends! We had such a wonderful time camping with them a few weekends ago at Lake Murray State Park in Oklahoma. Kaden was the "keeper of the fire", We (minus Curtis and Kaden) all rode horses - mine and Kinsley's was Tex - just ask her, she'd LOVE to tell you about it:) Misty and Steve let us borrow their tent - thanks so much by the way, and we stayed at Tipps Point - how funny since my nick name is Tipp, lovingly given to me by my nieces and nephew! Can't wait for the next trip guys! Maybe Curt and I will have our own tent by then:)

Budding Artists!

Here are my little Picasso's painting the other day. They had a ball with this! I'm sad to say however, that the paintings never made it to the gallery - I put them out on the back porch to dry, and that was one of the nights of the big storms we've had recently:( We'll try again soon!


Kinsley was in a wedding in early April. She was one of the flower girls. She did her job like a big girl and was too cute. Here she is prepping...nice pretty pedicure? check. hair in rollers? check. Hair fixed and sprayed? check. Precious dress on? check. Pictures with the bride? check. An uneventful (meaning without mistakes) walk down the aisle? check! Thanks Stephanie for letting us be a part of your special day - you were gorgeous and your wedding was beautiful!

Kindergarten Here We Come!

I can't believe I am sending this little boy to Kindergarten next year. A few weeks ago I registered him for Bluebonnet Elementary school for the fall. I've been meaning to post about it ever since. So...come late August, yes, I will be one of those crying mom's dropping their baby off at the door of his new classroom! Here are some things I love about Kaden...
1. He's always happy go lucky - I was watching him today as he walked into a movie, literally bouncing with every step, I hope he never loses that excitement and joy for life.
2. His huge smile, he smiles all the time and has done so since birth. I prayed when I found out that I was having him that God would give me a happy baby - he's grinned since birth - thanks God!
3. God has blessed him with a wonderful mind. Our baby boy is so so smart!!!! I'd love to take credit and blame it on the fact that I read to him from the time he was in the womb,'s more than that. He remembers things from years ago - well at least about 2-3 years ago, he's only 4, but still:) He has a joy of learning that I am so thankful for! Ms. Danielle and Ms. Sandra have contributed to that A LOT this year!
4. He's so loving. Out of the blue he'll tell Curtis, Kinsley and I that he loves us, it's so precious.
5. He loves learning about God and the bible and likes to talk about it often - I pray this NEVER changes and that he'll be a Christ follower for LIFE!
Love ya bubby!