Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kindergarten Here We Come!

I can't believe I am sending this little boy to Kindergarten next year. A few weeks ago I registered him for Bluebonnet Elementary school for the fall. I've been meaning to post about it ever since. So...come late August, yes, I will be one of those crying mom's dropping their baby off at the door of his new classroom! Here are some things I love about Kaden...
1. He's always happy go lucky - I was watching him today as he walked into a movie, literally bouncing with every step, I hope he never loses that excitement and joy for life.
2. His huge smile, he smiles all the time and has done so since birth. I prayed when I found out that I was having him that God would give me a happy baby - he's grinned since birth - thanks God!
3. God has blessed him with a wonderful mind. Our baby boy is so so smart!!!! I'd love to take credit and blame it on the fact that I read to him from the time he was in the womb,'s more than that. He remembers things from years ago - well at least about 2-3 years ago, he's only 4, but still:) He has a joy of learning that I am so thankful for! Ms. Danielle and Ms. Sandra have contributed to that A LOT this year!
4. He's so loving. Out of the blue he'll tell Curtis, Kinsley and I that he loves us, it's so precious.
5. He loves learning about God and the bible and likes to talk about it often - I pray this NEVER changes and that he'll be a Christ follower for LIFE!
Love ya bubby!