Friday, August 28, 2009

Kaden's First Day of School 2009

Kaden had a wonderful first day of school.  He is back in Kindergarten this year for Keller's full day program.  We are so excited for him and know this is the best move for his future!  He did fantastic in 1/2 day Kindergarten last year - we just felt with him having a late birthday it would be good to put him back in another year, to then be an older child in his class versus a younger child.  He is loving it!  He comes home every day with a new story about what his teacher did that day.  She has been teaching a long time and seems very creative and fun!  He has also found some of his friends from preschool there at recess and has had fun playing with them!

Here he is before leaving home!
Lining up to go to class
In class gearing up for a great first day
waiting for me after school
Enjoying cookies and milk - our after the first day tradition:)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Perfect Saturday!

Yesterday I took this...

And headed out to this...

with this little cutie...

this sweet boy....

and this handsome man...

It was a perfect Saturday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Teacher - Shady Grove Fall 2009

Last night was Kaden's Meet the Teacher at his new school!  We are so excited for him and some of his friends go to school here, so that will be fun!  His teacher Mrs. Tully has a precious classroom and her room name is "Tully's Turtles".  Lots of kiddos that she had in previous years came back to say hello to her, so that made us feel good!  I feel a little nervous just because his old school, Bluebonnet, was where I taught and I knew lots of teachers there and my way around, now I don't know anyone or anything, but I'm sure I'll learn quickly!  Kaden was excited about his school and his class - he loved looking at everything, and playing with the castle leggos!  I can't wait for him to get started and have a great year of fun and learning!

Here he is with Mrs. Tully

And here he is pointing to his cubbie - I just love that word cubbie - it just sounds cute, huh?

Kinsley - Rooney Hoooo!

I have this funny little nickname for my sweet Kinsley and its Rooney Hooo!  I even made up a song about it.  It sounds so incredibly country I admit and I can't even tell you where it came from - is that how it is with nicknames???  Sometimes do they just happen?  Here's my little song for her....She's a rooney hooo, a little roo, she's a rooney hoooney baby girl, she's her mama's little girl, and I love her so much - THAT'S RIGHT!  I sang it to her so much when she was a baby that she would fill in the words once she started talking - we always giggle after we sing this together - it's just fun!  

Anyway, the other day I got 100 postcards free on Vistaprint and decided to make her some little notes for thank you's, to give to friends, etc.  They actually ended up costing about $17.00 by the time I added my own uploadable photo and envelopes - oh well:)  Here's our little photo shoot to get just the right picture to put on them!  By the has some great things and is SOOO cheap!  We've done invitations, stamps, etc. on there!

With little pom poms in her hair:)

Pretty girl, she's getting lots of hair lately, it's thickening up finally - we didn't use this one cause she wasn't looking straight but I liked her hair in this one:)

This is the one we used, I just love her expression in this one - it's totally her!  Love my little rooney hooo!

And a cute little close up!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Surprise Birthday Party Penny!!!

This is my friend Penny and we went to her surprise birthday party this past Saturday.  Penny is special to our family for many reasons.  She went to the church I grew up in and went to until I was 23 years old, I grew up with her boys  - one of them, Brandon, and I went to his band banquet together and were lab partners in anatomy and physiology - we had a cat that we had to work on named Phoo Phee!  Penny and her husband sang in our wedding, and my older sisters wedding!  I grew up going over to her house to swim and eat many times!!!  She knew my parents before I was born, etc. etc.  She's a blast to be with, and we love her and her family - I hope you had a wonderful birthday Penny and were SUPER SURPRISED!!!! 

The birthday girl, Penny and her new granddaughter, Emma - isn't she such a precious baby - SOOO happy, and the most adorable dimples EVER!

This was Curtis's first time to hold Kai - can't believe he hadn't held her until this party!  She wasn't feeling good but was still so incredibly precious!

Kai, Jae, and Me - I love my sister!!!

Mom enjoying her dessert!  


Here's what Kaden did all night - I was so thankful for this because it allowed me the chance to visit with everyone!  He had a blast playing the Wii.

And Kinsley made a new friend, Brandon and Allison's Great Dane!  She LOVED him!

It was a great evening reminiscing with old friends.  I wish I had taken more pictures as there were many other great family friends there like the Janways, Paul Stanley, Marilyn Bottles, Brandon and Allison, Logan and Janel (baby Emma's parents), etc.  And...they had the party at Brandon and Allison's house which is in Dallas and is so cute!!!  We had a great time!

10 years! I LOVE this man!!!!

Curtis and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss this past weekend.  We had a WONDERFUL weekend just being together.  Friday my mom came to get the kiddos and Friday night we went to eat at a delicious restaurant in Dallas called Sullivan's.  It's a steak and potatoes kind of place but fancy and SOOO yummy!  Then we went to see The Time Travelers Wife - a wonderfully romantic movie - I recommend as your next date movie - I'll probably have to own this one!  Saturday we just enjoyed being together, not doing anything big time but just enjoying each other's company.  We had breakfast at Snooty Pig - a little dive here in Keller, and then left his car to get an oil change (I know REAL romantic, huh), and shopped around Target, etc. while we waited for his car.  This might not seem too romantic but it actually was...just being together, without kids, with no interruptions:)  Yes this is a BIG anniversary and this year we are saving a down payment for a house, so no major trips, etc.  We hope to officially celebrate this next spring/summer!  This weekend was GREAT though! 

Friday night at Sullivan's

Great Date movie!

Here we are Sat. morning at Snooty Pig! - the best muffins EVER!

Great little breakfast place!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Baby Kai

This past Friday we went to my sister's house to have a playdate with Kai!  We originally went to swim but ended up shopping at one of our fave stores TJMaxx.  Before we went shopping though, we got in some fun playtime with the sweetest baby ever!!!!

I love this picture of her sweet feet in her bumbo!  I could kiss these feet all day!  There's NOTHING like baby feet!
Look at her big flower bow, isn't it cute!  Jae let mom and I get her dressed - SO FUN!
sweetest smile in all the world - she smiles EVERY time you talk to her:)  What a big girl sitting up in her bumbo!
Kaden and Kinsley can't get enough of her - sometimes they overwhelm her - but its pure love!!!
Me with the little cutie patootie!!!1

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Purple Cow - Fun Play Group Yesterday - Fun Restaurant for Kids!

We went here with our playgroup yesterday, it's such a fun restaurant for kids!  Yummy food too!
And...they have purple ice cream!!!!!
We LOVE ice cream - especially when it's purple!
Here's all our play group friends - we love you guys!
And here are some of our kiddos, smiling under the Purple Cow!  SO FUN!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Grapevine Vintage Railroad and Stockyards with Grammy!

This past Friday we had a BLAST with Grammy taking the Grapevine train to the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  Grammy bid on some tickets this past Christmas for MOPS and WON so we took advantage of them, and had a fun-filled, memory making day!

We were so excited to board the train!  This sign reminded me of The Polar Express:)
Grammy with her grandkids - oh the love!!!  Waiting on the train to arrive!
Me and Kaden on the train - this was pre-haircut for him!
Me and Kinsley on the train - she wanted to wear her cowgirl hat that day and I told her it was the PERFECT day to do so - if you know her you know she's always trying to leave the house in some kind of get up - she TOTALLY enjoyed all the comments that day!
Here we are - I like this pic
Here's the little ticket puncher guy and Kaden getting his ticket punched!
Kinsley getting her ticket punched!
Kaden kissing the cow, hmmm, had to not think about the germs:)
Kinsley kissing the cow!
Ride em' Cowboy and Cowgirl!
We had lunch here, cute ambiance but food wasn't all that!
the cute ambiance, we sat up top to overlook the street
they loved this little miniature horse
We found a cowboy and a longhorn, so they had to take a ride!
by an old stagecoach in one of the museums
it was hot, so we had to stop for one of these
right before we went here to watch the cattle drive
Kaden and Kinsley watching the longhorns go by!
another cool pic - I LOVE that old water tower in the back!
Grammy with her tootbugs!
This cowboy was so patient for a pic!
Hmmm, pondering over how fun the day was on the train ride home, or tired?
Kaden thinking deep thoughts too!
When we got back to the train station there was a shop with these HUGE sculptures, it was quite a surprise when we walked in to see this!
There she is, the lovely train, what a FUN, ADVENTUROUS day!!!!!