Monday, August 3, 2009

Grapevine Vintage Railroad and Stockyards with Grammy!

This past Friday we had a BLAST with Grammy taking the Grapevine train to the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  Grammy bid on some tickets this past Christmas for MOPS and WON so we took advantage of them, and had a fun-filled, memory making day!

We were so excited to board the train!  This sign reminded me of The Polar Express:)
Grammy with her grandkids - oh the love!!!  Waiting on the train to arrive!
Me and Kaden on the train - this was pre-haircut for him!
Me and Kinsley on the train - she wanted to wear her cowgirl hat that day and I told her it was the PERFECT day to do so - if you know her you know she's always trying to leave the house in some kind of get up - she TOTALLY enjoyed all the comments that day!
Here we are - I like this pic
Here's the little ticket puncher guy and Kaden getting his ticket punched!
Kinsley getting her ticket punched!
Kaden kissing the cow, hmmm, had to not think about the germs:)
Kinsley kissing the cow!
Ride em' Cowboy and Cowgirl!
We had lunch here, cute ambiance but food wasn't all that!
the cute ambiance, we sat up top to overlook the street
they loved this little miniature horse
We found a cowboy and a longhorn, so they had to take a ride!
by an old stagecoach in one of the museums
it was hot, so we had to stop for one of these
right before we went here to watch the cattle drive
Kaden and Kinsley watching the longhorns go by!
another cool pic - I LOVE that old water tower in the back!
Grammy with her tootbugs!
This cowboy was so patient for a pic!
Hmmm, pondering over how fun the day was on the train ride home, or tired?
Kaden thinking deep thoughts too!
When we got back to the train station there was a shop with these HUGE sculptures, it was quite a surprise when we walked in to see this!
There she is, the lovely train, what a FUN, ADVENTUROUS day!!!!!