Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been a dreary day here in Texas, cold and rainy but when I got home today and peeked outside I couldn't help but notice the growth that has quietly been taking place!

my rose buds in front yard
So much like life... - when we are down and out - have dreary days, grey days, we can always assume Christ is working in us to GROW us in a sense!  

huge bloom out front

I spent some of these dreary days not too long ago, pruning and weeding in my yard so that my plants would flourish this Spring/Summer and it is so SUPER exciting to see them sprout - seriously...I celebrate with a little happy dance every time I see a new shoot, or bud, or leaf!
tiny little rose starting to bloom
 The growth in my yard has been such a mirror of my life this year.  I went through some grey days, some dreary days back in September - right as the weather was turning.  All through the winter I have felt God pruning me...and at times, believe me, it did NOT feel good at all!  Nonetheless, he knew what was best, as he always does, and he continued... pruning, cutting back, getting rid of the weeds of self doubt, of pity party-ness (is that a word?  ya'll know what I mean!), of timidity, etc. etc.

YES...God knows what's best and just like me, he CAN'T WAIT to see the new growth he has uncovered, and boy oh boy am I gonna be glad to see it too!!!  I pray it bursts out much like my yard is doing right now - bursting out with colors, blooms, strong bold stems, tough bright leaves, and such glorious vibrancy!!!

pink flowers on a small bush in the back
raindrops on my bold strong callas leaves

 beautiful new iris blooming
 pansies by front door

 iris unfurling
That's why Spring gets me so excited - the grey days are gone - and it's a NEW BEGINNING, a time to start fresh, forget the past, MOVE ON!!!  I am thankful for the pruning, I am thankful for the pulling of the weeds, I am thankful for the getting rid of the unwanted dead stuff, I am thankful for the rain, ...but most of all....I am thankful for the GROWTH!!! 

 growth behind the pool - bold, tough callas leaves

my trumpet plant vine bursting with blooms like crazy along the fence and pool gate

Praise God for the GROWTH!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Creative Kids - Gotta LOVE it!

 I gotta hand it to them for their creativity!  My kiddos rock in the creative department!  They wanted to have a Star Wars movie watching marathon one day of Spring they dressed up in their best Star Wars costumes!

How cute are they?!!!  LOVE the creativity and imagination of kids!

Spring Break - Donut Picnic at the Park!

The weather was just gorgeous this year for Spring Break so one of the days we decided to have a donut picnic at the park!  We picked up our faves from our local donut store - (where they know us by name by now because of Curt and the kids Saturday morning tradition:)), and headed out to our most favorite park in town!
 We went on a nature walk - isn't this a cute pic - why yes we DO wear princess dresses to the park, why not?  She is actually throwing a fit here because she wanted to keep walking further, but we had turned around - still...what a cutie!

 we counted how old this tree was by its rings!

 played in the sandbox

and even found a caterpillar!  Such a perfect little happy day!

Spring Break Day at the Zoo 2011

 We had a fabulous Spring Break and spent most days just relaxing at home, but we did venture out to the zoo one day with Mom, Jae, Kai, Penny, Janel, and Emma!  Love being with my mom and sis!

 We saw and pet snakes in the MOLA exhibit!

 had fun watching these guys - this one only had one tusk:( and rocked back and forth like it had issues? - but was fun to watch!

 This mama and baby giraffe were too cute!

 This is our friend Lazy Lion - he's always in this same spot, yawning and sunning - we tried to get him to roar but he refused!

 One of our favorite things at the zoo is to feed and hold the birds:)  My kiddos are getting good at getting them to get on their sticks!

 On the train ride - Grammy and Kaden

 Kinsley and me on the train

 We saw this big guy - look at the size of that face!

And we had a great time with these ladies!!!  They are ALWAYS a blast!  Janel, Penny, and precious Emma!


Kinsley had a fun playdate with some of her friends (Landri and Emma) from school the other day - we went to see Pinkalicious the play!  We love the books but it was a blast to see the story come alive!
 They had a little after party afterwards with all things pink - cotten candy, pink lemonade, pink cupcakes, pink fingernail painting, etc.!

And they even got to meet all the actors/actresses in the play!  It was a pinkalicious perfect playdate!!!

Our Magical Trip to Disneyworld 2011

 Curtis won a trip for two to Disneyworld at his work Christmas party this year, it included two tickets to the Magic game, two parkhopper tickets to the Disney parks, two flights, and a two night stay at the Westin Imagine hotel!  So we forked over the extra money and took our kiddos with us!  The boys got the tickets to the Magic/Knicks game so Kinsley and I went to see Cirque De Soleil's La Nouba the first night!

 The next day it was on to Animal Kingdom!

 Where we did the safari ride and saw giraffes...


 funny gorillas with their very own blankets

 This super cool tree with tons of animal carvings in it...

 and rode this crazy roller coaster - Kaden and Kinsley's first real roller coaster...yes it is a roller coaster, no we did not take a detour - see the tracks on the left!

 After that we were on to Hollywood Studios!

 We watched a little padawan training...

 which inspired Kaden to buy this Jedi cloak, and Kinsley got her face painted - they were both sooo happy they held hands!

 We also ate in this precious 50's diner!

 After lunch it was time for Epcot!

Where we met our first character for this trip - Daisy!

 They were having this beautiful flower exhibit and the park was just gorgeous!

 Then it was time to see all the countries - we started in France - this is Kinsley by the bridge!


 Our only pic with Minnie and Mickey - we didn't see them much this trip:(


 And just in case you were wondering - the view from our hotel - I took this just to remember how pretty it was - we were so busy we didn't acutally ever get out to this pool, but boy was it beautiful!!

 and finally...Magic Kingdom - funny story - we were supposed to see ALL these parks in ONE day - you heard me right - we just had the one day park hopper passes ya know...needless to say we got mixed up on the closing times and ended up getting here right at closing forked over some more money and went back the next day - because after all - you can't come to Disneyworld and NOT go to Magic Kingdom - that's what it's all about right?!  Honestly - I was happy for more time at this park - its my fave!

 and this is why - lots of happy memories made here!

 What would Disneyworld be without the Mickey ears pics?

 Or the family Cinderella Castle pic - do you love our Mickey shirts?:)!  Curt was too cool for school here!

 We visited the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse

 rode all our fave rides - the kiddos were a little scared on this one at first, though they'd never admit it!

 and how many of you have this same pic?  From what year???

 Of course we rode our fave!

 Posed for more character shots with Mary Poppins

 and Peter Pan of course

 One more pic in front of the castle

 and then it was time to go:)

 So this we did say...

but not before we saw the parade:)