Thursday, September 8, 2011

My 25

Inspired by my friend Michael's wife's blog here are 25 things about me that come to my mind first thing - without any preparation.

1.  I love my family - to death...I can never love them enough, sometimes I could cry over the fact that I don't think I show it enough.

2.  I still think my hubby is super hot, even after 12 years of marriage - I could just stare at him all day

3.  I secretly want to be a really rich stay at home mom - help at kiddos school, get manicures, work out:)

4.  I love sweet tea and Sonic cherry limeades

5.  I want to be wealthy enough to help people when I see the need but not too wealthy that I become a snob or high maintenance

6.  My guilty pleasures are Keeping up With the Kardashians and Millionaire Matchmaker - so silly and so not me...maybe that's why its my entertainment???

7.  I want everyone I meet to know I'm a Christ follower!

8.  I'm very conscious of negativity - I feel like I complain too much sometimes, and I hate it when I do, I want to be a light not a drain!

9.  I don't think my sisters or parents know how much I truly love them:)

10.  I miss my best friends (my high school friends) and my old stay-at-home mommy friends

11.  I have been told I come off very confident but the truth is I'm not that confident

12.  I love all things art - it gets me excited and pumped up - definitely a passion!

13.  One of my favorite dates is dinner and a movie - so cliche' but so rare!

14.  I'm not that on top of things when it comes to cleaning but clean sheets are a must!

15.  I would go to Maui, Hawaii - particularly Napili Bay every year on vacation if I could

16.  I've had seasons in my life where shopping at dollar tree was the highlight of my week - and those were some of our families happiest days:)

17.  I've always wanted to be whisked away on a surprise vacation - like he (Curt) picks me up from work and we drive straight to the airport - after he asks my sis and mom to help him pack for me of course:)

18.  On the days my hair is pulled up that usually means I didn't wash it that day

19.  My fingernails grow in squared off and it really bugs me

20.  I love to do crafts with my kids

21.  Dinner at the dinner table is a big deal to me - unless there's a good show on;)

22.  Red is my fave color

23.  I remember almost everything - sometimes it scares people

24.  I was raised to believe I can do anything and everything I want to do in life - I pray my kiddos feel the same way!

25.  I used to be a really selfish person until God gave me my kids - thanks Lord!!!