Monday, March 31, 2008

Gardening with Grandaddy!

This past weekend the kids were able to help their Grandaddy with his garden. I love when my kids get to be out in nature and explore something new. They loved using the tools and digging in the dirt. The bugs scared my kids away a little but I managed to snap these pictures before they left. I love this picture of Makenna in her "gardening" hat. I think they planted cucumbers and canteloupe. We can't wait for the next adventure at Grammy and Grandaddy's house. I'm sure Grammy is cooking up something fun to do where she's involved next time - although she did chase the kids all around pretending to be a monster - sad to say my camera was out of batteries then...the pics would have been hilarious!!! Until next time Grammy and Grandaddy - we LOVE you!!!!!

Grandaddy's mini hay-ride (without the hay:))

This is one of the kids most favorite thing to do with Grandaddy! He loves doing it too! This is called the mini hay-ride. He takes them on his path in his back yard to see the lake. On their way they see bugs, spiders, bones from small animals, etc. You never know what story they bring back of their adventure. Poor Kinsley wasn't able to go on the long ride because it was too bumpy - but she was delighted to get her own small ride just around the house after Grandaddy got back! I love that my kids are making these memories with their Grandfather!

High School Musical on Ice!

Thanks Jae for a fantastic evening! We had so much fun! Here are pics of all of us sitting waiting for the show, Jae and Makenna and Madison with matching High School Musical T-shirts, the Wildcat emblem, Sharpay talking to Troy, and all of us again! Go Wildcats!

A Weekend with Family

My big sis Jayna and her kiddos Makenna, Madison, and Colton came to visit us this weekend from Colorado. We had tickets from Christmas that Aunt Jae J. gave us all to go see High School Musical on Ice. What a BLAST we all had. We started the weekend off right with dinner at Taco Diner, and then a cupcake from Sprinkles - if you haven't been here - go, it's in Preston Center in Dallas and it's just cupcakes, yummy, yummy cupcakes. You can get milk with them too:) Then on to the show - I'll post pics of that next. We had a great time being with them as always. The pics are Kinsley - in her usual position with Grammy and Colton, Makenna and Kinsley, two of the cutest boys ever - Colton and Kaden, Grammy with Madison, and Jayna and I. WE LOVE our Family!!!!!!

Park Play

My kiddos love the park! They ask to go almost every day! I love watching them there too! They run around with little smiles on their faces from one activity to another and are just so carefree and happy! To me this is the epitome of being a kid! Ahh, the innocence - it's refreshing!!!!!!

A girl and her grandaddy!

I can't tell you how much I love these pictures. Kinsley loves her Grammy and Grandaddy so much! She is usually completely attached to her grammy and doesn't leave her side while we are at their house, but this day she needed some "Grandaddy" time and my dad - being the sweetest grandaddy ever, happily obliged! He read books to her until she fell asleep! How cute!


We had a wonderful Easter at my Mom and Dad's church. The pastor talked about the WWJD bracelets and had a neat message saying what if we change that to WIJD bracelets. Instead of What Would Jesus Do...change to What Is Jesus Doing - cause He's still alive and well - and still working in the lives of many!!!!! Good thought! So...what is He doing in your life????? I'm amazed at all he blesses us with on a daily basis. I hope you too took time to reflect on the blessings we are all able to enjoy because of the fact that he died on that cross and rose again!!! Our kids, jobs, friends, family, etc....
We then headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch, and hunting Easter baskets. We had a great lunch and John and Jae, Kris and Brit (John's parents) and Gwen (my 2nd cousin) were able to join us! I love being at mom and dad's - it is truly a house full of love and just so comfortable!!!! I wish we could be over there more often than we are!

Last Day of Spring Break

These are pics from our last official day of Spring Break! Kaden wanted to go to a park and eat lunch so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and take them to Central Market. One, cause the food is WAY better than McDonalds, Two, cause they have an outdoor playground - that's a park - right???, and Three, cause it was a beautiful day! After that we went to West Elm to return some curtain rods, and then to North Park Mall to finish shopping for Easter - man, have you ever looked for white Easter shoes or boys Easter dress shoes the night before Easter? NIGHTMARE!!!! Eventually we found them though and they were perfect! Jae came over a few days this weekend also to help me make curtains for our living/dining/kitchen area - I'll post pics soon - yes she is SOOOO talented, and we LOVE her! This last picture sums up the week well I thought! They were completely tuckered out!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Day 6 - The Aquarium and dinner with Mom

I am so sad to report that today I forgot my camera:( The battery was on the charger and I left it at home on the counter in our room. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium today to see all the exciting things there. We saw manatees, sting rays, snakes, penguins, sea dragons, fish, monkeys, birds, spiders, etc. The kiddos had a great time and were amazed by it all. Afterwards we ate dinner at the old Spaghetti Warehouse by the West End and mom was able to join us - yay!!!!!! That restaurant is 37 years old I found out today, I remember going when I was a little bitty kid, so it was fun to share it with mine:) Stay tuned to what happens tomorrow on Spring Break Day 7!

Spring Break Day 5...and then...

After sleeping through dinner at Rainforet Cafe, Kinsley was pretty hungry, so we headed to the food court and to Burger King to get the sweet girl something to eat. And...what trip to the food court would be complete without a ride on the carousel - or two in our case:) Gotta love it!

Spring Break Day 5 - Rainforest Cafe

I know we're crazy but we just didn't get enough fun at Great Wolf Lodge (J/K) so...we decided to head on over to Grapevine Mills to have dinner at Rainforest Cafe, after all, it was just up the street! Kaden had tons of fun but as you can see, Kinsley chose sleeping over eating...hmm!

Spring Break Day 5 - Great Wolf Lodge

The cool thing about Great Wolf Lodge is that even though check out is at 11:00, you can stay until 10:00 that night! So...we had breakfast at Loose Moose Cottage - a buffet, we let the kids choose whatever they wanted - wow - look at those plates! Then on to more swimming in the waterpark - I got to go on the "big kid" rides this day:) After that we showered, got dressed, and because we are crazy we decided to go have dinner at The Rainforest Cafe at Grapevine Mills Mall. Kaden said "I love this day", this was the "best day ever". So...until next time Great Wolf - we had a BLAST!!!!

Ice Cream at Great Wolf Lodge

I almost forgot, we ended our night at Great Wolf Lodge with ice cream at 11:00pm! I know...Weight Watchers will hear from me VERY soon! Kaden picked "Krazy Colors", Kinsley picked Cotton Candy, I had cookies and cream, and Curt had Mint Chocolate Chip. YUM!!!