Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Night with Rob Bell

This guy is really one of the coolest guys I've ever met. We went to see him at Nokia Theater for his "The Gods Aren't Angry" tour. He is so smart and so intellectual! Some of the things he said this time were things to think about but he kept repeating the gist of it all - "you don't have to live like this". Meaning, you don't have to live without Christ in your life. He is waiting for you with open arms to accept Him and thus start a never-ending relationship with Him. He also said that we fill our lives with so much that sometimes we forget to just "be" there. I do this a lot with my kids. I fill up my days with working, cleaning, emailing, calling, getting ready for the next day, etc. I need to remember to just "be". To be with my kids and be present with them, in the moment, fully involved in their lives. And most importantly I need to just "be" with my Lord and Savior, fully present with Him as well, when I'm reading His word, or talking to Him in prayer. So therefore I encourage you all to just "be" as well. And...if you haven't picked up Rob Bell's books Velvet Elvis or Sex God go out and get them RIGHT NOW! They will make you think not to mention be great conversation starters because of the titles:)