Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Arkansas for our annual camping trip with my bro-in-law and sis-in-law. We had a great time last year despite two FULL days (literally, it didn't stop not even for 5 min) of rain! We still made some fun memories, like the river of water under our air mattress IN our tent:), and the little friend we brought home in one of the kids galoshes, but this year instead of camping in THIS....

I'll be roughing it in something a little more like this:)

More pics to come! Stay tuned - I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


How was your weekend? Ours was great, and pretty low-key! We spent a lot of time outdoors...blowing bubbles...


and just hanging out!!!

Splash Day 2010

The last day of school at preschool is always a big hit! We have Splash Day complete with tons of water activities, shaving cream, sand/water tables, sprinklers, popsicles, etc. Here's Kins showing me one of her digging toys!

How cute is she in her "vakini" - that's what she calls it - ha ha!

Splashin' away!

Enjoying the sand...errr...mud table:)

Sassafras with her friend Blakely!

Kinsley's Pre-K Graduation!!!

So my little baby girl graduated from Pre-K this last week! I can't believe it, it has FLOWN by! There she is right in the middle of the two boys with blue shirts on! I was so emotional! I know people say it goes by fast but it REALLY does. If you have little ones, just ENJOY your time with them - before you know it you'll be having to look back at pictures just to remember them at certain ages and stages! I have had a blast having Kinsley at preschool with me. It has been a blessing to be able to peek into her room when I want, go steal a quick hug, have her wave to me in the halls and blow kisses. I will truly miss that! I am excited for this next phase of her life, and will cherish the memories we made during the preschool one!

Here she is with two of her preschool buddies, Katie, and Blakely - these girls have been together since they were babies - another thing that made me sad - they will each go to different elementary schools next year:( Hopefully we'll catch up with them in the later years!

We love our little graduate!

She was so proud to have her Grammy there! These two are "thick"!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Things I Learned from My Mother

(Jae, Mom, and me last Mother's Day)

This is a little gift I made for my mom for Mother's Day that I framed to go along with her painting! My friend Jenny gave me the idea, she did this for her mom a few years ago - I loved it and decided to copy. Some of these things are inside jokes, if you know me and my mom at all you will laugh, if not, just enjoy...maybe you can relate!!!

Things I Learned From My Mother

1. Priorities go in this order: God, Family, Work
2. When someone gives you a compliment on your outfit, always say “thank you” and then tell them, “It’s at least 100 years old”.
3. Be nice to EVERYONE (valentine story)
5. You can never take too many pictures or too much video!
6. Good friends are hard to find.
7. How to be a fantastic hostess; and when you go to someone else’s house, always take a hostess gift.
8. How to shop on a budget.
9. You can NEVER have enough make-up.
10. The best vacations are at the beach! (Bolivar and Maui)
11. No matter how many times you go to Maui, it never gets old!
12. Be open to learning new things – travel, take classes you enjoy, pursue a new career, teach yourself how to use technology:)!
13. Holidays are meant to be celebrated BIG – again, more is more!
14. Baking is the most fun when it comes to cooking.
15. Shopping is therapy!
16. Sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice cold coke – just drink it early!
17. Celebrate EVERYTHING – even the little things! Last day of school, a new flower blooming in your yard, the sight of a pretty bird, magnificent sunsets, a new job, the results a spring garden yields, your favorite TV show, etc.
18. Always send a thank-you note!
19. Use your manners – be a class act!
20. Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with your “nest” and enjoying a little family time!
21. It’s ok to pray for simple things, like a good parking spot.
22. On a Saturday morning – nothing’s better than a Fatboy paper, or a good book to read in bed!
23. Acting silly and making faces can result in hours of laughter!
24. Compassion
25. Laugh often, live passionately, and LOVE DEEPLY!!!

Shopaholic Monday:) Getting ready for SUMMER!!!

Not really sure why this is underlining everything, but..oh well:

Let's face it ladies, swimsuit season is upon us! I always dread going swimsuit shopping each year, can I get an amen?! In fact, the past two years I've just worn the same suit to avoid the shopping nightmare! It has gotten streched out to the point where this year I'll be right ba
ck out there with the rest of you! In fact, if you're like me, people only see your swimsuit when you are slipping ever so quickly out of the pool, in that few seconds before you can reach your towel to quickly wrap around yourself, right??? Or when you are laying out, completely flat on the ground where magically you have a flat tummy again:) Therefore, a cute cover-up is ever so essential! Yes, I'll be looking for the most flattering bathing suit I can find...but until then, here's some purchases I actually enjoy making!!!!:)

I think these are all from Just Add Water
I love these precious terrycloth one piece jumpers - I've seen some Ralph Lauren ones at Marshalls I dig!

This is a little bit bohemian, a little bit glamour! This color would look awesome with a good tan I think!

And last but not least, a cute little number for all you metallic fans!

Treat yourself to a little summer fun - get your essentials ready...dig out your bathing suits, evaluate, do you need a new one? Just a cute cover-up to go with? Search out your options before you shop - what style, where to get it, how much, etc??

Do you need a new beach towel - these too, are equally fun to buy!

What about a beach/pool bag? I always love the huge raffia type ones, but I'm loving all the bright colors this summer too!
Time for a pedicure? Schedule your appointment - better yet, go with friends and out to brunch before or after! Tight budget? - it's just as fun to declare yourself a spa night - take a hot bath, soak your tootsies, rub with lotion, pick out a cute new color (what do ya'll think about the turquoise I've seen all over this spring? - I kinda like it!), cut, file, paint, enjoy!!!!

Find small ways to make it fun! After all, it's about the little things in life, ya know?!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And the Winner is....

This week's winner of the stationery is Staci Danford! Staci just send me a comment with your email address and I'll send you the cards! Congrats!

Kinsley's 5th Birthday - CANDYLAND style!!!!

I'm still in shock that my baby is five! We celebrated this weekend with a super fun Candyland party at our house! Here's the big girl in front of her candy table (a dream come true for her)!

Candy overload! Each kiddo received their own plastic bucket to decorate, and then fill to their hearts content with candy! There was also a chocolate fountain, and cupcakes to munch!

Candyland cupcakes

Another table shot - notice the missing dum dum's on the lollipop tree;)

My sweet friend Jenny and her precious little girl Devynn sent these balloons that were perfect for letting guests know where the party was, and lollipop bubble wands lined the entrance:)

Each kiddo also got to pick a lollipop on their way out!

There are more pics to come from my mom's camera, I REALLY need a new camera - arghhh!!! Stay tuned for more of Kins opening presents, more candyland details, and pics of our "sweet" guests!!!

Field Day

Kaden had Field Day at school on Friday!!!! This was always one of the highlights of the year when I was a kid, and his did not disappoint! Kinsley and I were thrilled to go and cheer him on! It was so exciting - tons of games, and group activities to compete tug-o-war!

His class, the Tully Turtles won the Tug-O-War championship - here's his victory dance:)!

Gotta have the sack races!

And of course the scooter relay!

And most anticipated by the kids - the teacher dress up relay - here's Ms. Tully all dressed up!

It was a fantastic day, we were able to spend the whole day at his school, eat lunch with him, sit in his class for a little while (which made Kinsley feel sooo big), cheer him on, and just enjoy being "kids"!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shopaholic Sunday (on Tuesday:)) - Stationery

Remember this? It's called stationery. Letter writing seems to be a lost art form these days and its really kinda sad! I think many people would agree with me that getting something in the mail other than junk and bills just makes your day sometimes, am I right?? So my shopaholic post this week is about stationery! I have TONS, in fact, it has a home in one of my file drawers here in the office. I have WAY more than I ever use, but I love knowing its there! I thought I'd share some tips on letter writing and then let you know about my next giveaway! So dust off your pens and paper people!!!!
(some vintage stationery I drool over)

Letter Writing Etiquette 101:

1. Consider your canvas - your stationery - its a place where you will create something timeless and original. Consider color, weight, quality, and size of your paper - my fave are fun and funky notecards, but that's just me:)

2. Address your "audience" - by name! The title and greeting you use depends on your relationship, (i.e. "Dear", "Hey", "Hello"...etc.)

3. Get to the point - be concise and thoughtful and remember...there's no "backspace" button on your pen.

4. Be a trendsetter - just by reaching out with this archaic form of communication you are making a stylish statement. Imagine the joy on your recipient's face as they open their mailbox!

5. Make a memorable exit - Say adieu in and unforgettable way. Examples are ("love", "best wishes", "gratefully") or get creative ("all the best", "ciao", "cheers", "blessings", etc.)


1. Every day is a reason to write - you don't have to wait for a special occasion.
2. Save the date - letters are often kept as mementos - put a timestamp on yours by adding the date in the top right hand corner!
3. Have fun with it! - write to tell someone you had a good time, liked their "dish" at a recent party, noticed their "niceness", think they are cool - letters don't always have to be serious - add pictures, stickers, lots of colored ink, small trinkets, confetti, etc.

This I just LOVE!!!! How precious would it be and how "on top of your game" would you feel to hand this out to the next parent of a friend of your child's - I know I'd feel cool:)

This one is simple, yet classic - it's just "right" for several different occasions.

Are these not the most clever "moving" announcements ever? Again, I love their simplicity!

And who could resist the peacock feathers on the envelope flap of these??? It's so stylish meets modern meets classy!

One of my lucky friends will win a cute little set of notecards for commenting and letting me know just how you store your stationery - I need help with this ladies! Contest ends Sunday at 5:00pm again! Happy letter-writing!

Part of Mothers Day!!!

We had a gorgeous Mother's Day at the Arboretum!! I have many more pictures to add of this day but my disk is saying it "can't be read on this computer" - until I figure THAT out I'll leave you with these photos. We met my mom and dad, and sister, Jae, her hubby John, and Kai out there for a beautiful picnic! I got to use my picnic basket again and had a DELICIOUS lunch from central market with pasta, caprese salad (tomatoes and mozzerella w/ basil), and fresh fruit!

This is my mom with one of the gifts I gave her!

For those of you who don't know, my mom's mom passed away when my mom was 10 yrs. old. Before she passed away she had pinned this poem, from a cutout out of a newspaper, to the wall in the hallway of their house. My mom, after her mother passed, committed to learning it by memory because she figured her mom must have REALLY liked it to just tack it up on the wall like that! Needless to say, it's a poem that has been handed down, given as a gift in other ways (one Christmas we (me and my sisters) gave her the last picture of my mom, with her mom, smiling and looking at eachother, in a frame with this poem - it was an emotional gift opening type of Christmas!). This year I decided to put it on a painting for her to hang and be reminded of how awesome her mom truly was!

Here's Kaden, Kai, and Kinsley in front of the flowers!

Me with my two little blessings!

And Jae, Mom, and I! If you haven't ever been to the Dallas Arboretum - GO!!! You are in for a treat! It is absolutely gorgeous! Right now they are having an exhibit of lifesize houses made out of flowers depicting the character's houses in the story of Peter Rabbit - its precious!

Again, I PROMISE more pics to come of this, our fabulous Friday at my friend Jenny's, pics of what Curt and the kids did for me for Mothers Day, etc. You won't want to miss it so stay tuned!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - well, a headband at least:)

The winner of the Hair Flair Headband is Sarah! Congrats friend! Please email me your address and I'll send that to you in the mail:)!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girly Girl???? Hmmmm???

Well...I THOUGHT I had one of the most girliest girls ever....that is, until Career Day at school. For some time now Kinsley has been saying she wants to be a hunter when she grows up. I am not completely sure where she got this from since no one in our family or extended family for that matter, hunts??? So, I don't know why it surprised me when she told her teachers that this is what she wanted to be when she grows up, and that this is what she chose to dress as for career day, hmmmmm, maybe I was just hoping she'd change her mind?

Oh well, gotta love her for her creativity - she even added a deer hanging by its toes that her brother had bought a long time ago at Cabela's:) (see in pic) This girl keeps it lively around here! This is her serious hunter face! Ha ha!

****Don't forget to scroll down and enter my headband giveaway!!! Only 3 more days!!!

Skating Party!

Last weekend we had a birthday party for my friend Angie's little boy Adam at the skating rink!!! It was a blast! They have these cool new tools for kids learning to skate that cracked me up! They looked like little walkers (like the elderly use), but man, was I thankful!! With them, my kids had the confidence to skate alone, and were not pulling on me the whole time.

Here's Curtis with Kinsley!

And here's my sweet Kaden!

What is it about skating rinks that just take you back to your childhood? I love that free feeling of rolling along to the music with not a care in the world! I urge you, the next boring Fri or Sat night you have...get out of the house, take the kids, and go skating - not to's a GREAT workout!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Kaden and Kinsley were in a children's choir at church this past weekend! Oh, how I love to watch them sing praises to God!!! They are so precious. Anglea, the choir director, tells them certain songs are "Make Your Momma Cry" songs - she is SOOOOO right! Kaden and I talked a lot about this beforehand, he wanted to know why it makes momma's cry. I explained that it's a happy cry - because we are overjoyed our kiddos get to worship God - he thought that was funny! It was beautiful to watch them lift their hands in praises to our LORD! I really can't think of a better Mother's Day gift than that! And yes...I did cry, so there!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Inspiration!!!

It's almost summer time, and I have been soooo wanting to decorate my backyard, patio, pool area! It's pretty much a blank slate out there and I am in need of ideas/inspiration! If only I had all the money in the world...until then a girl can dream, right? Here's some inspiration if you are feeling this way too...

1. a scene from west elm's spring/summer catalog 2. some lounge chairs from 3. my fave wicker chairs from pottery barn 4. how refreshing, I love these little containers - also from pottery barn 5. galvanized steel planters - westelm 6. love this cute little fish from pier1 - could see him happily sitting in the landscaping by the pool 7. red bench from world market - for a splash of color:)

What are you inspired by for the summer or what new summer accessory are you wanting to add to your house?