Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kinsley's 5th Birthday - CANDYLAND style!!!!

I'm still in shock that my baby is five! We celebrated this weekend with a super fun Candyland party at our house! Here's the big girl in front of her candy table (a dream come true for her)!

Candy overload! Each kiddo received their own plastic bucket to decorate, and then fill to their hearts content with candy! There was also a chocolate fountain, and cupcakes to munch!

Candyland cupcakes

Another table shot - notice the missing dum dum's on the lollipop tree;)

My sweet friend Jenny and her precious little girl Devynn sent these balloons that were perfect for letting guests know where the party was, and lollipop bubble wands lined the entrance:)

Each kiddo also got to pick a lollipop on their way out!

There are more pics to come from my mom's camera, I REALLY need a new camera - arghhh!!! Stay tuned for more of Kins opening presents, more candyland details, and pics of our "sweet" guests!!!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love this theme! I'm going to have to steal it and do one for Devynn sometime in the future! Love how that mind of yours works...