Saturday, February 28, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that the episode of Extreme Home Makeover that our church helped with airs tomorrow night, Sunday, March 1st, at 7pm on Channel 8.  It's the one that Curt and I helped with for an awesome family in our church, the Augustin's!  We were so blessed to be a part of this!  Watch their incredible story!  Enjoy!  You can see some pics on my blog of the big event, just look for the title Extreme Home Makeover in Keller on my 2008 blogs!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God Time - Met Church Women's Retreat 2009

I had an incredible weekend this last weekend with my church at our Women's Retreat at the Marriot Solona in Westlake.  What a beautiful place to have a retreat!  It is a gorgeous hotel!  I went with some of my best friends in the whole wide world, and it was a huge eye opening/life changing experience for me!  They talked a lot about prayer and how we are to be intentional in our prayers.  One thing I learned and loved was to keep a prayer journal - almost like a faith story of your life where you write down your requests and then go back and write in the anwers to the prayers.  This then, records for you, and your future generations all the ways God has blessed your family throughout the years.  God also revealed to me that my time with my children is precious and goes by fast so I need to treat them with love - the kind He gives us - and enjoy it!  Not to mention there was also an awesome "Holy Experience" at the end - where we did a very humbling foot washing and had a time of meditation where we could just sit and talk to God!  AWESOME!

Here's me, Angie, Misty, and Stephanie in the outdoor gardens - there were lots of beautiful fountains all over the property!
Here I am with my precious small group:  Alli, Steph, me, Katie, Sarah, and Jessica - these girls were so adorable!!!!
Sarah, Steph, Angie, and Misty - on our "Prayer Walk"!
Misty bought us all matching pj's for our "girls night".  Thanks Misty!  So FUN!  Tracey, where are you??????
Oh, I also did this silly little skit at the retreat - see, I'm looking at my words on the back of my steering wheel!  Such a nerd!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Community Helpers Week - Look Who Came for a Visit!

Look who came for a visit today at preschool!  The Fort Worth Fire Department!  These guys were so nice and such good sports with the kids!  They let them climb all over the truck, wear their hats for pictures and even pretend to drive the truck!  Here's some pics of Kinsley's class!  I did not have my camera when Kaden visited but I'll post a pic of him when my sweet friend Misty emails it to me:)  

Kinsley is on the top row far right!
With one of her best friends, Adam inside the firetruck!

Late Valentine Post

Valentine's came and went too fast this year!  I had just taken my decorations out and then it was over:(  We had fun while it lasted though!

Curtis brought this precious little cake home from work - his boss's daughter made it, she's incredible!  She's the same one who made Kinsley's cupcakes for her princess party!  So good!
I love my husband!  
I love my sweet parents - we had a Valentine's brunch at their house - complete with omelets, cinnamon rolls, bacon, fruit salad, and fun Valentine treats!  
Jae, John, and baby Kai were able to join us!  
This final pic is one I was able to snap at Kaden's school party, the room mom made it great with cupcakes for the kids to decorate, and a yummy lunch!  Kinsley got to enjoy it too!  There are always so gracious to include her and it makes her feel so big!  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

I took advantage of Joe T's beautiful scenery the other day and snapped a few pics of my family!  What'dya think?

Joe T Garcia's - UMMMMMM!

Have I already told you how much I love this place?  It's just so yummy! mom and her friend Rick are taking this photography class and had a session out at the botanical gardens in Fort Worth.  Since they were in the area they asked if we wanted to meet them for lunch at Joe T's and KNOW we can't turn that down!  I love it there - the food is always great and I feel like I'm on vacation every time I take a walk around outside!  

Me, Cindy and Mom by a beautiful fountain - where can I get one of these for my yard???:)
Make a wish!
Kaden, me, Kins, mom
Dad and Curtis
Cindy and Rick

Jae's Baby Shower at Grand Lux!

I am so excited that my little sis is having a baby - a girl - Kai Jae, due in March.  This last Saturday her friend threw her a fabulous shower at the Grand Lux cafe at the Galleria!  Everything was perfect from the flowers, the food, to the gifts!  So fun!  My sis was radiant as well and is the most stylish mommy I've ever seen I must say!  Love you Jae!

Baby gifts!  
Jae, Kai's new baby doll, and Mom
Jae and I with books - they started a home library for Kai - so cute!  Thanks for these Steph!
A girly book for what I know will be an all-out girly girl!
Me with my gorgeous sis!  She's really not that much taller than me - she had on heels, and I had on flats:)  Isn't she the most beautiful pregnant mommy you've ever seen????

Tooty Ta!

If you have kids and have not heard this song by Dr. Jean then shame on you!!!!  We had a "Stress Less" training the other night at school and the teachers were able to cut a rug to this song, as well as enjoy a spa night given by my friend Rita afterwards!  I snapped a few pics during the dancing - don't be mad ladies - you are all adorable!!!!  ...a tooty ta, a tooty ta, a tooty ta ta!!!!!

Misty and Pam showing off their moves
Jodi and Sandra cuttin' a rug!
Jennifer and Dawn gettin' jiggy with it!
Jayme and Debbie dancin', dancin', dancin'!
and Kelli and Misty gettin' down!

Happy Tea Day to You!

The church I grew up in, and the church my parents are still members of has an annual prayer partner tea every year that is really special to us girls and so much fun to be a part of.  This year's was wonderful as well and it is always fun to be with lovely friends and family!

Dad and Kaden after the tea with matching had styles!  Aren't they handsome?  
Me and my good friend Jackie Newhouse!  Love that girl!
Cindy and Stephanie - could they look any more alike?  Sweet friends for life!
My precious aunt Jane and sis - Jae (with sweet baby Kai in her tummy:))
My beautiful mom and daughter!  Joined at the hip for sure!

Western Day 2009 at New Creation Preschool

In honor of the stock show being in town every year we celebrate at preschool by having a western day rodeo!  

Here's Kaden with this year's new additon - rodeo clowns - thanks Denise and Pat for coming - it was SO fun!
Kinsley with the clowns!
Kaden sitting on Little B!
Kinsley on Little B!
Little B comes to preschool again!!!!  We love you Little B!  Thanks so much for bringing him Sherrie!  


Kaden and Kinsley just recently figured out the process of planning a play date and now are so excited and ask to do this often!  They had been wanting to play with my good friend and coworker Karen's kids for awhile and finally...their wish came true!  We met them at the mall for a day full of fun - Karen has a cute little schedule she does with her kiddos when they go, so went along for the ride:  playground, fountain, lunch, back to playground, and...I added this one in - a little shopping...come on people, I can't pass up the chance when I'm already there!:)

Kinsley and Katie holding hands - cute little buds!
Enjoying the merry-go-round
Josh and Kaden on the ride - silly Josh!
precious Katie
Josh and Katie's big sis Megan came along too - so sweet!

Unbelievable Surprise - Celine Dion

Mom surprised Jae and I with tickets to a fabulous concert - Celine Dion!!!!!  I always wanted to go see her when she was in Las Vegas but never made it!  What I wouldn't give to be able to get up on a stage and belt it out like she does!  That must be such a good feeling! I do in the privacy of my own home or car sometimes, but I definitely don't get asked to do it in front of millions of people, nor would anyone ever pay to hear me sing:)  Anyway...if you EVER get the chance to see her live - DO NOT HESITATE TO GO!!!!!  She is unbelievable, puts on a great show, and seems to be such a grounded, sweet, and loving person!  FABULOUS!