Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God Time - Met Church Women's Retreat 2009

I had an incredible weekend this last weekend with my church at our Women's Retreat at the Marriot Solona in Westlake.  What a beautiful place to have a retreat!  It is a gorgeous hotel!  I went with some of my best friends in the whole wide world, and it was a huge eye opening/life changing experience for me!  They talked a lot about prayer and how we are to be intentional in our prayers.  One thing I learned and loved was to keep a prayer journal - almost like a faith story of your life where you write down your requests and then go back and write in the anwers to the prayers.  This then, records for you, and your future generations all the ways God has blessed your family throughout the years.  God also revealed to me that my time with my children is precious and goes by fast so I need to treat them with love - the kind He gives us - and enjoy it!  Not to mention there was also an awesome "Holy Experience" at the end - where we did a very humbling foot washing and had a time of meditation where we could just sit and talk to God!  AWESOME!

Here's me, Angie, Misty, and Stephanie in the outdoor gardens - there were lots of beautiful fountains all over the property!
Here I am with my precious small group:  Alli, Steph, me, Katie, Sarah, and Jessica - these girls were so adorable!!!!
Sarah, Steph, Angie, and Misty - on our "Prayer Walk"!
Misty bought us all matching pj's for our "girls night".  Thanks Misty!  So FUN!  Tracey, where are you??????
Oh, I also did this silly little skit at the retreat - see, I'm looking at my words on the back of my steering wheel!  Such a nerd!