Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times:)

Thursday night found us at one of my new favorites - Joe T. Garcia's. Yes, I know it's been around forever, but I just discovered it this year. See, I'm a Dallas girl, and never knew about this famous place in Fort Worth until I got here. I've been dying to try it ever since. This was my second time to go, and was a blast with all our old home group friends. Glad we did this guys!

Kim, Misty, Me, Stephanie, and Angie

All the kiddos - top row - Colton, Megan, Kaden, Delaney
bottom row - Logan, Adam, Carsten, Sarah, Kinsley, and Kayden

John's B-Day Party at Del Frisco's - YUM!

So I've heard about this restaurant before but had never been there until John's ( my bro-in-law) birthday! We headed down to North Dallas to eat at Del Frisco's and I must say it was delicious!!! We suprised John for his 30th, (although I think he had a slight idea what was going on:) All in all, it was a great night full of family and good food - and I do mean FULL:)
Curtis and me
The kiddos coloring with Katherine
Jae's friend Katherine and Kinsley posing:)
Dad, Mom, Me, Curt, and Kins
The birthday boy (John) and Jae - with new hair color - beautiful!
Happy Birthday John John!

Beautiful Birthday Boy!

October 16th was Curtis's birthday! Isn't he such a precious man?! I can't say it enough! He is a wonderful husband, father and friend. My hubby truly has a heart full of compassion and kindness. I am so thankful first of all to God, for creating him to be the man he is today, and second of all to his parents, David and Susan - ya'll raised him right!!! Curtis really is the kindest, sweetest man I've ever met and I am so thankful he is my husband! Happy birthday love!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday - Thank You Lord for Good Self Esteem!:)

Kinsley walked into Kaden's school, all the way to his classroom, with kids in there long lines, pointing and laughing at her because she was adamant about wearing this to drop him off! It was a battle I did not feel like fighting this morning, so I let her wear this get up in all it's glory! Thanks Lord for her good self-esteem! I pray she keeps it forever:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

At this very moment - this is what we're doing!


Here's what we are doing this very moment and...for the next couple of hours:)

Fabulous Friday Continued - School Movie Night

We are so happy with Kaden's school this year! It truly has been a blessing to send him to the very school I taught at when I was pregnant with him. They have so much going on for the kiddos, parents, and community around us! Last night they had a Family Movie Night, outside, under the stars. We were able to purchase hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, candy and drinks and watch Charlotte's Web. It was a blast! And the weather was just beautiful. The kids were grinning ear to ear and so excited we were actually watching a movie outside:)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabulous Fridays - Pumpkin Patch 2008

This is our first edition of "Fabulous Fridays" and we had a very fabulous day today. We went for our annual trip to the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch! We go here every year because it is so much fun but even better - the pic opportunities are priceless! Here are my cuties enjoying the beautiful day!
Kaden in the "pumpkin house".
Kinsley in the "pumpkin house".
peeking through a pumpkin
Kaden in the patch.
Kinsley in the patch.
Both got put in jail for a little while:)
their fave character cutouts - Star Wars, Kaden was pretending to use his "light saber" to fight and Kinsley is shaking C3PO's hand - is that how you spell his name??? Precious!
love this shot of Kins
love this shot of Kaden
hayride - Kaden has my sunglasses on picking pumpkins

Thursday - Silly Sock Day

We had silly sock day at school on Thursday! Here's a pic of Kaden's class with their silly socks, Kaden's are the red, white and blue with stars:)

Wonderful Wednesday - Kaden's Field Trip

We have had a very busy week this week, and I wanted to share a few pictures with you. It is my goal to start blogging every Wednesday and Friday because those are my days off, it is also my goal to do something fun with my kids on each of these days. These blogs will be called "Wonderful Wednesdays" and "Fabulous Fridays".'s our First edition of "Wonderful Wednesdays"
Kaden had his first field trip for school and we started by having a picnic lunch at the park. Then it was on to Henrietta Creek Apple Orchard. You can imagine my amazement to find out that there's a real apple orchard close by! It was super fun, and a beautiful day to be outside.
Here we are enjoying a picnic lunch at our favorite park - Johnson Road Park!
walking through the apple orchard
in front of a cool "viney" tunnel
our tour guide - this lady was awesome, she got the kiddos so excited about what she was showing them, she let them feel a lamb's ear plant, touch and smell a lemon basil plant, rosemary, showed us the fluffy chicks, let the kids dig for worms and hold them in the "worm bucket", showed us things like loofah growing, watermelon, pumpkins, squash, and okra, showed us where the bees are making hives and honey, the apple washing machine, cotton growing, etc.
Kaden enjoying his apple.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cool Contest

There's an awesome contest on for all of you with little girls. It's a chance to win a Rose Petal Cottage - what fun, check it out!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fair Fun 2008

I couldn't resist these other fun pictures of all we saw at the fair.
We went to the bull riding competition - here's a clown:)
The backyard circus is a must with the little ones:)
went to the Kelly Pickler concert
Can't miss the pig races:)
And of course - the petting zoo - Kaden and Kinsley's favorite!

Fun Farm Finds at the Fair!

If you have not been to this exhibit at the State Fair of Texas with your kiddos, I highly recommend making a visit. First your kiddos come in, get an apron and a basket just like a real farmer and proceed to the nearest apple tree, where they pick apples. Next it's on to the chicken coup where they feed corn to the chickens, and pick out eggs for their basket. Other fun activities follow like milking a cow, planting seeds, seeing them grow, feeding the sheep, getting some wool, driving a tractor to feed the animals, and trading in all your "goods" for money to buy a snack at the local store. Here's pics of our little "farmers"!

Farmer Mom, Pig Kaden, Cow Kinsley, Farmer Dad, Ram Kayden, and Farmer Colton
Milking the cow
planting seeds
wow they grow fast!
Driving the tractor!

The State Fair of Texas 2008

We went to the fair this weekend and saw Big Tex!
Grammy and Grandaddy went with us too!
So did our friends, the Morriss's
We ate lots of good ol' fair food!
And our tradition...cotton candy!

Kinsley's Teachers

As promised, here's a pic of Kinsley with her precious teachers Marcie, and Cheri! God has blessed us so much with their teachers!