Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beach Bums

Just look at these precious beach bums! We went to the beach this past weekend for Memorial Day, and had a BLAST! The kiddos had no fear of the water, and loved playing in the sand. Here they are walking on the beach, Kins with her new sun hat, digging with daddy, cousin Angie, Grandaddy, and Grammy, and practicing their surfing with dad - you can't see it but they are sitting on a surf board! We had a wonderful time visiting with family, and they had tons of fun playing with their cousins Connor, Peyton, Ava, and Taylor!

Splash Day/Last Day of Preschool

Giddy - it's the only word I have to describe how excited Kaden and Kinsley were their last day of school/Splash Day. Oh what fun it was to watch them run around squealing with delight at splashing in the water and flinging shaving cream all over. Kinsley ran from activity to activity, with a huge smile on her face and tons of giggling. And Kaden...well as you can see, he was thrilled to be allowed to get messy - does it get any better than this?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congratulations Graduate!

My baby boy just had his Pre-K graduation ceremony at school. Yep, I was the one in back with tears in my eyes, flashing back over the last 5 years, and saying to myself, "I wonder where the time went..." This day was so unbelievebly adorable! They came in with caps on, to the graduation music, you know, DA, da da da, DA, da, sang a couple of songs - you can see in the second picture - this is where he was saying - "I'm gonna love you God...and talk to you and talk to you..." - yep more tears, then they walked across to accept their diplomas while we read the names and said what they wanted to be when they grow up. My sweet boy told me he wants to be a movie director and everything else! The third picture is of his sillouhette (sp?) which you know will be preserved and kept FOREVER, to remind me how precious he was this day, and make me cry AGAIN when he's like 15 or so, or the day of his wedding, or...okay I'll stop!:) Congratulations Kaden!

So then...

After Kinsley had her birthday at school, Kaden decided he wanted to have his at school too - his birthday is not until July, mind you, but why not. So...he had blue frosted cookies and juice. Here he is praying before the snack (precious!!!), enjoying, and with his friends! Happy early birthday my sweet boy!

Happy Birthday to Kinsley!

We have not had Kinsley's REAL birthday PARTY yet but this was the celebration we had on her real birthday day! She wanted princess cookies for school so after looking for a few hours, we finally agreed on yellow frosted cookies with a princess pic in them:) And, while we were in the process of looking, we found this mini barbie cake at Target, so how could I resist? Those of you who know me know I don't like "characters" so much, but this precious little girl LOVES them, and it's HER birthday so we went for it. We will have a party someday, life has been so busy, and when we do I can tell you it will be full of pink princess stuff!!!! Happy Birthday to my little princess!!!

Why I Love My Mom

I love this lady! This is a picture of me and my mom on mother's day. Why do I love her? Well...
1. She's my mom
2. She's resilient - she's overcome a lot from her childhood, with the loss of her own mother at age 10, taking care of her family, becoming an awesome mom to three girls, surviving three septic episodes with her kidneys, and fighting with all she's had to raise 3 girls, who sometimes rebelled, to grow into decent ladies.
3. She's FUN! Ask anyone, she's the life of the party, she lights up a room with her presence, she's a blast to be with. You will always laugh around my mom, and there's never a dull moment. She always looks for the best in all situations, in people, etc.
4. She's a real as real can get. Take it or leave it. She has compassion for the hurting, and she'll tell you like it is when you ask her opinion. She loves hard - with all her might and she won't stand for anyone she loves being hurt!
5. She stands for what she believes in. She's a strong christian woman and stands firm when tested and tried. Her values and morals don't waver. And...luckily she's passed this on to all of us.
We are blessed to have you as our mom, love you!!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I forgot to say that Kaden and Kinsley both have new haircuts!!!! They LOVE going to Cool Cuts for Kids so we went this past Saturday for a much needed trim! After Kaden was finished he said, "Mom, when do we go to school next?" - He couldn't wait to show all his friends! And Kinsley - she's such a drama queen - woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror, and said, "Hello Beautiful!" We then had a talk about how beautiful means you're pretty on the outside and more importantly the INSIDE - by loving Jesus and having a kind heart - ha ha ha!!!!! No problems with self-esteem for her so far!

Muffins with Moms and Donuts with Dads Day at School

Today was Muffins with Moms and Donuts with Dads Day at school. Kaden and Kinsley were so excited to have mommy and daddy come to their classrooms. It was so cute to see their proud little faces when we walked in and were able to see all their projects they had worked so hard on for us! The pics are 1. Our family in Kinsley's "Castle" room, 2. Curt and Kins in Castle Room, 3. Our family in the Metkids Room (where Kaden's class was), and 4. Kinsley and her friend Blake performing their circle time songs for all the parents. Oh, I forgot to mention - they also gave us gifts - a hand painted rainbow "mommy's memos" notepad for the fridge, a painted rock paperweight (Curtis), a "MOM" frame with Kaden's picture, and a "DAD" keychain with Kaden's drawings on it - how precious!!!!

What They Learn From Us! :)

So we're at school on Monday when Ms. Kendra comes to get me and says, "You gotta come see this." - you can imagine the millions of things going through my, I go into the bathroom and she shows me Kinsley on the pot, which was COMPLETELY lined with toilet paper!!!!! What can I say - she's a girl after my own heart! - Way to go Kinsley!!!!!

Sweet Eisley

We had a baby shower this past weekend for Mande's baby Eisley. She is a precious little doll! The shower was at Brande's house - a beautiful and very contemporary house overlooking the lake in Lake Country. What a great time all the "girls" had oohing and ahhing over such a sweet little girl!