Monday, August 25, 2008

Kaden's First Day of School - Kindergarten

Well, here it is, the day I've anticipated all his little life! Kaden's First Day of Kindergarten!!! It started off very well. He was totally happy go lucky and minus all tears, whereas, I on the otherhand, had to blink them back consistently to keep from them from flowing! He went into his classroom with no problem and when I peeked in he was sitting and coloring and talking non-stop to the girl sitting next to him! THEN...Curtis, Kinsley and I went upstairs for a Cheers and Tears breakfast - they do this for parents of Kindergarteners to welcome them to school and give a little information. So I'm doing GREAT sitting there thinking to myself, "I can't believe I haven't really cried yet," when all of a sudden the school counselor stands up to talk and gives us a little handout with a tea bag, a cotton ball, a kleenex and a piece of paper that reads...(and then she procedes to read it out loud)...yep the tears started flowing:) Here's what it said...
Dear Parent
Thank you for entrusting your child to me.
I promise to do my best every day, to be your child's companion in learning.
After you have wiped your tears, make yourself a nice warm cup of tea. Put your feet up and relax!
Then hold the cotton ball in your hand. The softness will help you to recall the gentle spirit of your child.
I will work alongside you this year to help your child grow.
( I can't even type this without tearing up:))
Here's the big boy going into school!
Waiting in the gym in line with new friends!
In his classroom, coloring!
Kinsley enjoying time on her own with mom, making a snack for Kaden!
Of course we had to try them to make sure they tasted okay!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet the Teacher

We had Kaden's Meet the Teacher last night! Here he is in front of his school ( this is where I taught while pregnant with him, it's hard to believe he's already officially going here)!

Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Beasley! She seems wonderful, and very organized!
Kaden and Kinsley checking out the listening center!
Kaden's choice for the after party - McDonalds of course!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We made it home just in time today after driving home from Wal-Mart in the crazy rain to get out and enjoy the puddles. The kiddos were laughing and splashing and I wish I would have had my video camera as well as my regular camera, they were just too cute!

Here they are in their rain shoes - notice Kinsley's are on the wrong feet - I didn't say anything, she did it by herself and she was proud!
Here they are floating their ducks and boats down the "river"!
Here's Kaden jumping in the puddles!
Here's Kinsley splashing in front of the boat because, "Don't you know this makes it go faster, mom?"
Happy little splashers!

The Cupcake Cottage

We went to the most precious place ever today! It's called the cupcake cottage and it's in downtown Ft. Worth! This is no regular cupcake place, you'll find no boxed mixes here, everything is made from scratch by the mom and pop that own it - delicious. They're open Tues-Sat at 10:00 and when the cupcakes are gone, they're gone! Go to to get more info!
Storefront sign
All the kiddos with tummies full of sugar!
Kinsley with her pink cupcake - the girl didn't care what flavor it was as long as it was pink:)
Kaden with his little cupcakes, he picked one orange and one white with a green decoration on top! Why not?

Our Fun End of the Summer Day!

We had a wonderful day today. I left my cell phone ( on accident, but glad I did) at home, so it was just me and the kids:) Here's what we did!
First they had prizes under their pillows from the clean room "angel". She comes at night and leaves treats if they clean their rooms:)
Then we went to McDonalds with our good friends Adam, Sarah, Angie, Stephanie, Colton, and Kayden - they LOVE the Star Wars happy meals!
Then we went to this precious place called the Cupcake Cottage - yum!
Then swimming lessons!
Then home to splash outside in the rain puddles!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun at Grammy and Grandaddy's House

Kaden and Kinsley stayed with their Grammy and Grandaddy this weekend while we went to the W. They had an excellent time watching movies, going to G&G's church, and to lunch with their friends, reading books, and playing. When we went to get them, we ended up staying a little while for dinner on their fabulous deck!
Kaden and Kinsley on the IKEA swing
Yes this is their view EVERY night - what a great place to have dinner!

How cute are they? A beautiful couple!

On the swing Dad made - awesome!

Kaden doing super power moves, and Kinsley reaching her feet to the sky on the swing with Grammy and Grandaddy

Anniversary Celebration at the W Hotel

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary My Love!

Curtis and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary today! It's hard to believe it was 9 years ago, it seems this picture was taken yesterday, yet so much has happened since then. Little did we know this day that 9 years later we'd have 2 precious kiddos and would be living in Keller. Check my older posts for the many reasons I love my husband. For now, here's some of the best memories I've had the past 9 years with him! Oh...and stay tuned...we're going to the W hotel this weekend to celebrate - I'll post pics on Sun. night!
My favorite memories these last 9 years
1. Our honeymoon in Cancun - just us, the beach, the sand, our only trip EVER by ourselves!
2. Our 2 trips in 2 years to Maui, Hawaii - so beautiful, many memories here!
3. Another beach trip to Playa Del Carmen - is there a theme here? 3 months preggo with Kaden:)
4. Our first apartment together - so fun registering and decorating it! roller blading around the fountains in Las Colinas, hanging with Matt and Erin, shopping, movies, etc.
5. painting with you before kids
6. Our first anniversary - your big surprise, simple and wonderful
7. Watching our son being born
8. Watching our daughter being born
9. Buying our first house - how proud you were
10. Each and every day I get to spend more time with you!

A fun website to find activities to do with your kids!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Yummy Little Hole in the Wall

Don't you just love yummy little hole in the wall restaurants? Here's a good one if you haven't been yet. Get the brisket tacos - umm, tasty! Thanks David and Steph for introducing us!

Kinsley and her Grammy (my mom)
Aunt Jae J. and John John
Grandaddy (my dad) and Me
Curtis and Kaden - cool hat huh? Thanks Grammy and Grandaddy for brining that back from Montana!

Ahoy There Matey - More Pirate Pics!

Pirate Grammy and Grandaddy

With mommy and daddy
Grandaddy, Aunt Jae J. and Uncle John
All the pirates making their pirate bandanas
Well Blow Me Down - look what a great job they all did!
Josiah, Ashtyn, Delaney, Colton, Kaden, and Kayden

ARRRRGHHH! Kaden's 5th Birthday

We finally celebrated Kaden's birthday with a bonafied Pirate Party today. Yes it's a month late but we've had a lot going on, so give me a break:) He woke up at 8:30 this morning ready to go and dressed himself in his best pirate garb. The smile he had on his face all day was worth every bit of it!
Here's the crazy maiden and the scary pirate:)
A cake fit for a pirate!
more pirate decor - see the "X"? Thanks to my Bunko buddy and Pottery Barn! It's originally a Valentine's "X's and O's" decoration, but I thought it was fitting for this as well:)
The treasure chest
Pirate Booty:)

Suprise - Girls Night!

One of my very good friends Misty just finished classes to be a certified teacher, so we decided to take her out for a much needed girls night! We suprised her at her house, her hubby was "in" on it with us and had told her they were going to eat at Babe's, little did she know we were all showing up to "kidnap" her:) We went to the ever-froofy (is that a word?) Le Madeline, and to Chili's afterwards for a yummy dessert!
Here she is getting suprised.
Stephanie, Misty and Mande
Me, Angie, and Caroline