Monday, August 25, 2008

Kaden's First Day of School - Kindergarten

Well, here it is, the day I've anticipated all his little life! Kaden's First Day of Kindergarten!!! It started off very well. He was totally happy go lucky and minus all tears, whereas, I on the otherhand, had to blink them back consistently to keep from them from flowing! He went into his classroom with no problem and when I peeked in he was sitting and coloring and talking non-stop to the girl sitting next to him! THEN...Curtis, Kinsley and I went upstairs for a Cheers and Tears breakfast - they do this for parents of Kindergarteners to welcome them to school and give a little information. So I'm doing GREAT sitting there thinking to myself, "I can't believe I haven't really cried yet," when all of a sudden the school counselor stands up to talk and gives us a little handout with a tea bag, a cotton ball, a kleenex and a piece of paper that reads...(and then she procedes to read it out loud)...yep the tears started flowing:) Here's what it said...
Dear Parent
Thank you for entrusting your child to me.
I promise to do my best every day, to be your child's companion in learning.
After you have wiped your tears, make yourself a nice warm cup of tea. Put your feet up and relax!
Then hold the cotton ball in your hand. The softness will help you to recall the gentle spirit of your child.
I will work alongside you this year to help your child grow.
( I can't even type this without tearing up:))
Here's the big boy going into school!
Waiting in the gym in line with new friends!
In his classroom, coloring!
Kinsley enjoying time on her own with mom, making a snack for Kaden!
Of course we had to try them to make sure they tasted okay!


thetriggers said...

i cried too reading her letter. looks like you have him in an awesome school! wow! i will be praying for him today and you too! and that kins enjoys some new found mommy-daughter time. i can only imagine little john reid going off to school. ahhh!

The Garrett's said...

Awww. I still can't believe he's so big! I'm thinking of ya'll this week!

ZwinksLinks said...
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