Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary My Love!

Curtis and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary today! It's hard to believe it was 9 years ago, it seems this picture was taken yesterday, yet so much has happened since then. Little did we know this day that 9 years later we'd have 2 precious kiddos and would be living in Keller. Check my older posts for the many reasons I love my husband. For now, here's some of the best memories I've had the past 9 years with him! Oh...and stay tuned...we're going to the W hotel this weekend to celebrate - I'll post pics on Sun. night!
My favorite memories these last 9 years
1. Our honeymoon in Cancun - just us, the beach, the sand, our only trip EVER by ourselves!
2. Our 2 trips in 2 years to Maui, Hawaii - so beautiful, many memories here!
3. Another beach trip to Playa Del Carmen - is there a theme here? 3 months preggo with Kaden:)
4. Our first apartment together - so fun registering and decorating it! roller blading around the fountains in Las Colinas, hanging with Matt and Erin, shopping, movies, etc.
5. painting with you before kids
6. Our first anniversary - your big surprise, simple and wonderful
7. Watching our son being born
8. Watching our daughter being born
9. Buying our first house - how proud you were
10. Each and every day I get to spend more time with you!