Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Linsey Nicole Photography

When I first saw these pictures I could've just cried! We haven't had our family portraits taken since Kinsley was a baby! If any of you are looking for an AMAZING photographer here in the Keller, Ft. Worth area, Linsey is one of the BEST! These are just a taste of what she can do! One of them will be used for our Christmas card, but those of you who know me, will just have to wait and see which one:) If you are interested, her website is! Linsey, thanks so much, I owe you BIGTIME!!!! We LOVE our pictures!!!! You are a blessing!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leaf Crunchin' 2009

Playdate Pals

Monday the kiddos were all out of school so we went over to my friend, Misty's for a playdate. Here they all are playing play-doh! Sweet Sarah, in her adorable two year old voice, kept saying, "Open me my play-doh, peeees!" - SOOO cute!

Here's the boys doing what they do best - wrestling! Kaden ruined his pants with grass stains - but at least he had fun!

Kinsley being sweet and pushing Sarah on the swing - she just LOVES babies!

This is a pic of Misty that Kinsley took with my camera - a budding photographer, ya think? She loves her some Misty!

playing with Delaney's guinea pig -right before it pooped on her - I think they scared the poop out of it, poor thing:) -ha ha!

Sweet Baby Cade

My beautiful friend Jennifer and her husband Scott just had a precious baby boy named Cade. He is a complete doll face! I went to visit them in the hospital a few days ago. They are all doing well, mom and dad were sooooo cute and completely in LOVE with the little man!!!

Just look at that sweet face! He has beautiful long dark hair:)

Me getting my baby fix:) I asked Curt if he was sure we were done having kiddos after I got home from this, he assured me that yes, we are in fact, done:( We love you precious Cade!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Martha Stewart Party

My MOPS friend Sonia, was one of 1,000 selected to host a party for Martha Stewart's Craft line at Michael's. I was so appreciative of the invitation - it was a blast!!! Here we all are showing off our creations!

Working on crafts - it was fun ladies!

Talking and crafting! What fun! Thanks Sonia!

Shopping Weekend 2009

This past weekend was our annual girls shopping trip with my cousins from Arkansas. It is always a good time, filled with tons of shopping, spending, eating, laughter, and CRAZY happenings:) This weekend, like all the others before it, did not disappoint! Here we all are at Marshalls/Home Goods, excuse my shirt that makes me look preggo - I in fact, am NOT - note to self - ha!!!

Kai sucking her toes - she did a lot of this, smiling, and kicking her sweet little chubby legs - happiest baby ever! - yes, we start them early:)

Gwen, Sharon, and Jae at Mi Cocina

Kinsley, Me, Mom, Linda at Mi Cocina - YUM!

Again...we start em' young, we start em' early! Kinsley loved trying on shoes at White House Black Market!

Gwen, Aunt Jane, Sharon, Linda at Neiman's

Cindy, Mom, and Stephanie at Neiman's - lovely shoes here:)

Gwen, Jae, Linda at BJ's - delish

Linda, Sharon, Stephanie at BJ's

Cindy, Me, Mom at BJ's

After posting all these, I noticed I mostly took pics while eating - I guess that was the only time I sat still long enough to do so - otherwise we were shopping til' dropping:) Ladies, it was a blast!!!! Can't wait til' next year!

Monday, November 2, 2009

God's In the Details!

God is incredible!!!! I love how much he's "in" to the details. We have prayed so hard for a house ever since we sold ours last June! So we looked and looked and looked!!! We found one that we thought was "it", but praise God the sellers took another contract and it didn't happen. We were so heart broken at the time but just new God had a better plan and a better house, perfect for us, just out there waiting for us to find it! God kept throwing this verse in my face - through email, sermons, friends, etc - I love it when God does that, when he does you better listen up - because he is SCREAMING at you something you need to hear - but you know God, he's a gentle screamer. Here's the verse that kept coming up, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus!"

Well, let me just tell you folks, he surpassed all our expectations with the house we ended up with. There were at least 10 things on our "list" of what we wanted, and we just knew that there was something we'd have to sacrifice - we expected that. With the first house we put a contract in on, we were sacrificing a lot, with this one that we ended up with - NOTHING...God gave us everything on our list, can you believe it!!!!

Now for the details...there was one thing I was sad about leaving at our old house - we had a rose bush outside our dining room window that just made me happy. I used to cut the roses off and bring them inside and the kiddos and I would just enjoy looking at them, smelling them, talking about God's wonderful creation, etc. By the way...that must be what heaven smells like - the inside of a rose - no one has ever re-created the freshness and deliciousness of that smell - EVER!!!! I'm pulling up to our new house to check on it:) the other day I notice something in my driveway by the garage! Yep - a BEAUTIFUL rose bush with this gorgeous rose, and four more tiny buds waiting to bloom! It reminds me of this song:

God is so good
God is so good
God is so good
He's so good to me

I just wanted to cry!

Please leave a comment and tell me a story where God was "in" the details in your life - we should share these stories more with others!!!!