Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girly Girl???? Hmmmm???

Well...I THOUGHT I had one of the most girliest girls ever....that is, until Career Day at school. For some time now Kinsley has been saying she wants to be a hunter when she grows up. I am not completely sure where she got this from since no one in our family or extended family for that matter, hunts??? So, I don't know why it surprised me when she told her teachers that this is what she wanted to be when she grows up, and that this is what she chose to dress as for career day, hmmmmm, maybe I was just hoping she'd change her mind?

Oh well, gotta love her for her creativity - she even added a deer hanging by its toes that her brother had bought a long time ago at Cabela's:) (see in pic) This girl keeps it lively around here! This is her serious hunter face! Ha ha!

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Sarah said...

Ha! I love her personality!

Unknown said...

So adorable, maybe you should have had her wear that out to our house...would have fit right in with the longhorns and 4 wheelers!