Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopaholic Sunday - Headbands by Flair!

There is nothing more "in" this season than headbands! They are so much fun and can jazz up any oufit. Therefore I am glad to introduce you to my sister Jae's business - Flair. Flair is where you can find all your headband needs with funky, pretty, unique and one-of-a-kind designs to add a little "flair" to any of your favorite outfits! Here is my sis, Jae, her husband John, Cocabella (their sweet dog), and my adorable neice, Kai!

Here's a quick little interview I did with her so you can become more familiar with her line:

1. What gave you the idea to start this business Flair? My friend and I started making FLAIR for ourselves and as we started wearing it about, everyone asked about it and wanted to buy some for themselves...

2. What materials do you use to make your headbands, clips, etc? We use vintage buttons (80+ yrs. old, from A.L.'s great grandmother...), feathers, beads, ribbon, felt, flowers, and our newest FLAIR - old t-shirts

3. How do you get inspired? teaching blogs, shopping, particular piece of material that excites me...

4. Where do you get your design ideas from? most of the time, I make it up as I go... A.L. and I work together and feed off of each other

5. Who all can wear hair Flair? anyone who wants to FLAIR themselves (women, girls, babies)
How should it be worn? headbands go directly down into the hair - not to be pulled back, clips can go wherever, but stay better when bobby-pinned in and look really cute at the base of a low ponytail! Stretchy FLAIR looks real cute with a messy ponytail!

6. What do you hope to create next? wrist FLAIR (check out my prototype attached)

7. How can people purchase Flair products? by going to my Facebook page and sending me a message or comment! I will ship as soon as I receive payment, very fast!

Go check out her facebook page - but EVEN better, one of you have the chance to win a piece of Flair! How fun is that?!!! Leave me a comment and let me know how you would wear your new flair and what your next spring/summer accessory purchase will be! Again, the drawing will be made next Sunday after 5pm using the random number generator! Good luck!

****The lucky winner of the punchy scarf from last week's Shopaholic Sunday is Amber Manquist - Amber email me your address and I'll send you your fun new scarf!


amberdawn said...

Ok, maybe I can win again! No, I am not trying to be stingy-just stylish! ;) I really like those they are cute, trendy, edgy, and a little vintage all at the same time!

Unknown said...

I love my headbands that Jae made. I am loving the yellow one because I love yellow right now, especially that shade of mustard yellow. So cute, so creative!

The Garrett Family said...

How fun! I'd love one of those cute headbands! Or one for Sarah!

Leah said...

Love these headbands, I would love to win one! I will definitely go check out her FB page - love to support other "Mom-preneurs"!

Sarah said...

So that was your sister who made the headbands Jenny gave me?? She's very talented. And I learned something from your post, I think. You mean you're supposed to push the headband straight down instead of dragging it back through your hair? I've been doing it wrong all my life! No WONDER headbands never really stay for me.