Monday, May 17, 2010

Things I Learned from My Mother

(Jae, Mom, and me last Mother's Day)

This is a little gift I made for my mom for Mother's Day that I framed to go along with her painting! My friend Jenny gave me the idea, she did this for her mom a few years ago - I loved it and decided to copy. Some of these things are inside jokes, if you know me and my mom at all you will laugh, if not, just enjoy...maybe you can relate!!!

Things I Learned From My Mother

1. Priorities go in this order: God, Family, Work
2. When someone gives you a compliment on your outfit, always say “thank you” and then tell them, “It’s at least 100 years old”.
3. Be nice to EVERYONE (valentine story)
5. You can never take too many pictures or too much video!
6. Good friends are hard to find.
7. How to be a fantastic hostess; and when you go to someone else’s house, always take a hostess gift.
8. How to shop on a budget.
9. You can NEVER have enough make-up.
10. The best vacations are at the beach! (Bolivar and Maui)
11. No matter how many times you go to Maui, it never gets old!
12. Be open to learning new things – travel, take classes you enjoy, pursue a new career, teach yourself how to use technology:)!
13. Holidays are meant to be celebrated BIG – again, more is more!
14. Baking is the most fun when it comes to cooking.
15. Shopping is therapy!
16. Sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice cold coke – just drink it early!
17. Celebrate EVERYTHING – even the little things! Last day of school, a new flower blooming in your yard, the sight of a pretty bird, magnificent sunsets, a new job, the results a spring garden yields, your favorite TV show, etc.
18. Always send a thank-you note!
19. Use your manners – be a class act!
20. Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with your “nest” and enjoying a little family time!
21. It’s ok to pray for simple things, like a good parking spot.
22. On a Saturday morning – nothing’s better than a Fatboy paper, or a good book to read in bed!
23. Acting silly and making faces can result in hours of laughter!
24. Compassion
25. Laugh often, live passionately, and LOVE DEEPLY!!!


Staci Danford said...

That was incredible.. What a wonderful gift.. I know she was just filled with both tears and joy..

Ashley McSpadden said...

I love this post! The relationship that you have with your mom is truly amazing! You are so blessed!

Sarah said...

Love this. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman.

Unknown said...

So very cute, did she just LOVE it?! Sounds like your mama raised you right! XOXO