Monday, March 31, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter at my Mom and Dad's church. The pastor talked about the WWJD bracelets and had a neat message saying what if we change that to WIJD bracelets. Instead of What Would Jesus Do...change to What Is Jesus Doing - cause He's still alive and well - and still working in the lives of many!!!!! Good thought! So...what is He doing in your life????? I'm amazed at all he blesses us with on a daily basis. I hope you too took time to reflect on the blessings we are all able to enjoy because of the fact that he died on that cross and rose again!!! Our kids, jobs, friends, family, etc....
We then headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch, and hunting Easter baskets. We had a great lunch and John and Jae, Kris and Brit (John's parents) and Gwen (my 2nd cousin) were able to join us! I love being at mom and dad's - it is truly a house full of love and just so comfortable!!!! I wish we could be over there more often than we are!