Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Day at the Zoo 2011

 We had a fabulous Spring Break and spent most days just relaxing at home, but we did venture out to the zoo one day with Mom, Jae, Kai, Penny, Janel, and Emma!  Love being with my mom and sis!

 We saw and pet snakes in the MOLA exhibit!

 had fun watching these guys - this one only had one tusk:( and rocked back and forth like it had issues? - but was fun to watch!

 This mama and baby giraffe were too cute!

 This is our friend Lazy Lion - he's always in this same spot, yawning and sunning - we tried to get him to roar but he refused!

 One of our favorite things at the zoo is to feed and hold the birds:)  My kiddos are getting good at getting them to get on their sticks!

 On the train ride - Grammy and Kaden

 Kinsley and me on the train

 We saw this big guy - look at the size of that face!

And we had a great time with these ladies!!!  They are ALWAYS a blast!  Janel, Penny, and precious Emma!


Jenny said...

Don't know about the MOLA exhibit (not a fan of snakes), but the rest of the day looked fun!