Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Dayssss!

 The kiddos were out of school for about a week at the beginning of February for the SNOW!!!  This happens at least once a year here in Texas and it is so funny how everything is shut down - you northerners just laugh at us I know, but we LOVE it, and look forward to it every year - even if we have to make up those school days in June!

Here's the house covered in snow!
 Snow angel wearing my bibs from when I was her age - we don't buy them much around these parts ya know?  Nor do the stores sell them too often:)

 Snow angel 2 - he LOVED being out in the snow in his pajamas:)  

 If all the snowflakes were lemon bars and milkshakes...

 Oh!   What a snow it would be!!!

 Curt's work even shut down for a day - something usually unheard of - and he got to enjoy it with us!!!  He built forts and played snowball fights with the kiddos - they just LOVED it!

 Whoa - bad pic alert - this is me after having the worst case of flu I've had in years - I was recuperating here but was still in the "too weak to wear make-up" phase;)

 Building Frosty

Biggest Icicle this baby has ever seen!!!