Friday, August 21, 2009

Kinsley - Rooney Hoooo!

I have this funny little nickname for my sweet Kinsley and its Rooney Hooo!  I even made up a song about it.  It sounds so incredibly country I admit and I can't even tell you where it came from - is that how it is with nicknames???  Sometimes do they just happen?  Here's my little song for her....She's a rooney hooo, a little roo, she's a rooney hoooney baby girl, she's her mama's little girl, and I love her so much - THAT'S RIGHT!  I sang it to her so much when she was a baby that she would fill in the words once she started talking - we always giggle after we sing this together - it's just fun!  

Anyway, the other day I got 100 postcards free on Vistaprint and decided to make her some little notes for thank you's, to give to friends, etc.  They actually ended up costing about $17.00 by the time I added my own uploadable photo and envelopes - oh well:)  Here's our little photo shoot to get just the right picture to put on them!  By the has some great things and is SOOO cheap!  We've done invitations, stamps, etc. on there!

With little pom poms in her hair:)

Pretty girl, she's getting lots of hair lately, it's thickening up finally - we didn't use this one cause she wasn't looking straight but I liked her hair in this one:)

This is the one we used, I just love her expression in this one - it's totally her!  Love my little rooney hooo!

And a cute little close up!


Sarah said...

She is so cute! I love the nickname. Allyson is Boo or Boo Bear. I'm not sure who gave her that name because Bill and I both call her that.

The Garrett Family said...

She's so cute Jara. She looks so grown up in those pictures with her hair down. It's getting so long! I will have to check out that site!