Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast at School 2010

 Kinsley had a Thanksgiving Feast at school this past week!  She earned the most feathers in her headdress and therefore got to be the "chief" of her class for the day - which meant she was the line leader and the one who got to beat on the drum all the way to the feast!  It was so cute - she was sooooo proud and we were proud of her:)!

 Enjoying the food:)

 My cute little Indian "chief":)  Her Indian name was "Princess Beauty" - quite fitting if you ask me:)!!

 Poor Kaden...all of First Grade's activities were cancelled - such a bummer, I still don't know why but I thought it was pretty sad:(

We made these little photo boxes for their teachers with pictures and messages of "Thanks"!

Hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving!  Be mindful of all you have to be thankful for!!!


Jenny said...

Glad to catch up on your blog! Love all of your thanksgiving and halloween posts. Miss you!

Sarah said...

What a fun celebration, and what a Beautiful Princess! I forgot about those little photo box things. I used to have one in the 80s I think. Cool!