Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Projects!

 So, I LOVE a project!!!  Especially when I have a whole weekend of nothing else going on except the chance to do projects;)!!!  This little chalkboard sits on the counter in my kitchen and usually has a bible verse on it - it was NOT a project - I bought it at Kirklands, but, as a project...right now I am reminding my family this month to be thankful of something each day - the kids answers are so funny sometimes - you can see who forgets most of the time:)

 These next two projects are some I just completed with my new fave - chalkboard paint!  I found this apple crate after a neighborhood garage sale the other day - the people who owned it had it sitting out for the trash to pick up - what were they thinking????:)  I painted the whole thing with chalkboard paint and we are using it for books for now:)

 This is just one of those $1 wood frames from Michael's and I painted it with chalkboard paint - now I can change out what it says, and the picture inside for each month - just a little thing that makes me so happy!!!

And here's my project for this weekend - I found this on the curb at the same house that was getting rid of the apple crate with a sign that said "Free" - seriously?  I think they just didn't want to deal with it, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I'll kindly take it off your hands:)???  Anyway, it is going in our little craft room as a craft table but I am wanting to paint it a dark chocolate brown - and keep the silver legs - I will post pics when its finished:) 

Happy Weekend!!!


The Garrett Family said...

I love a craft weekend! Those are all so fun!

Sarah said...

Man I wish I had your craftsy mind. I always see things and think, "We could totally repurpose this." But then I can't think of what exactly to do.