Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shopaholic Sunday - MY FIRST GIVEAWAY! Punchy Scarves!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE scarves!!! I like thick winter ones, bright ones, patterned ones, polka dot ones, and especially spring scarves! I think they just add that extra little POP to an outfit and make you look polished and put together in a very "she doesn't even know how effortlessly cool she looks" kind of way. I have a couple of favorites - my mom gave me a LOOOOONG 100% cashmere purple scarf from Banana Republic years ago - still one of my most favorite "luxury" items in my closet, a grey and black one with precious fluer de lis on it from my sister Jae, and my newest addition - a punchy yellow one to add a little fun to all the black I wear!

Look how effortlessly chic these ladies above look! Don't they look great? Oh, and a scarf and sunglasses looks AMAZING together, especially on those days where your hair isn't cooperating and you feel a ponytail coming on! I LOVE the brights with the black!

And here are some options for going into the spring/summer - bright punchy colors, even with a tank top - sooooo cute!!! I think I want to try one of those infinity scarves next (like the blue one above)!

And, really, who could be more effortlessly stylish than this lady, don't you LOVE this?!

Here's a cute little option from Old Navy - $10.00, this would be really cute with a white tank or shirt and tattered jeans, and such an affordable way to create a whole new look!

How fun are these polka dots?? - again...we're going for the punchy colors here - spice up an otherwise blah outfit - its so easy!!!! This one's from - $19.00.

So....I am beyond excited to have my first giveaway!!! Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite scarf, or what fun color you'd like to try, and you might just win your very own, and very effortlessly chic, punchy scarf!!!! I'll announce the winner next Sunday!

****I forgot to mention that I will choose the winner through's true random number generator - in case you were wondering!;-) The contest will end Sunday, May 2nd at 5:00pm, so hurry and enter!


Clare Tea said...

Ahaha, looks fun! I'll join in on this one. Though, where will the winner be choosing from?

anyway, I'd love to win a new scarf for spring; so far I seem to have only monochromatic winter scarves...

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

amberdawn said...

How fun!!! I would love to have something light and springy! Crossing my fingers (it's worked before-haha!)

Unknown said...

I have just recently become addicted to scarves! My last purchase was a very long white and gold with a pretty patten and the words "Roma" on it! LOVE!

I really like the polka dot one, seems so fun, I need some colourful scarves in my life!

orangeinsanity [at] hotmail [dot] com

Sarah said...

Well, I only have one scarf. I was afraid to wear it, afraid I'd get it wrong. But I finally tried it, and it was beautiful! My scarf has many colors of stripes: purple, pink, green, etc. And it has gold-ish threads woven in. I wear it with pink or purple scoop-neck blouses. It really dresses it up!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love scarves, especially in the winter time because I am ALWAYS cold. My favorite one for this spring is a light grey scarf with little balls on the end, I found it at Old Navy. I'm a little curious to know how long into the season the TX girls wear their scarves because I am way too hot to wear them in the summer, but maybe I should just loosen them up a bit?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE scarfs too! My fave is probably that same purple cashmere one you're referring to! I feel glamorous wearing it:) And, I have fun turquoise one you gave me that I think I might wear tomorrow:) Thanks for the inspiration sis:) Luv this give-away!

sara said...

SAD I missed this giveaway!!!! CUTE scarves!