Monday, April 12, 2010

Boot Camp

I start tomorrow at 5:45 am. Anyone who knows me knows I AM NOT a morning person. I've done a boot camp before but it was only two days a week, this time its three days, and I plan on doing cardio the other two days! I will post a pic sometime soon of my trainer and friend Amy Thompson - her body is unbelievable - you will see why I am motivated! I will not post my weight, but I will post how many pounds I lose in the coming weeks. I will take all the encouragement I can get - especially to eat right and stay away from sweets - this is my #1 weakness!

I am excited but also scared about the waking up part. I plan to be totally ready the night before so I won't have to think too much, and will be able to get up, put my workout clothes on, and get there! Getting there is half the battle you know!!!! you guys have any suggestions on where I can find cheap workout clothes - I DO NOT like to spend money in this area, and I WILL NOT pay $25.00 for a workout shirt or shorts! Call me cheap, or thrifty...whatever, I'd much rather wait and spend the money on my new clothes I will hopefully have to buy when its all said and done:) Anyway...wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Good for you! I'm with you on the sweets thing. I will say that cold turkey is best on that. It's just too hard to use "moderation" where chocolate is concerned.

Do you start at 5:45, or get up at 5:45? Either way, holy crap!

Target usually has cheap, cute workout clothes.

Staci Danford said...

WOW for you.. I always want to work out... but darn I just can't do mornings.. haha Best of LUCK to you on both the getting up and the working out.

Unknown said...

Hey missy, I am proud of you for doing this! I hope you are doing it for health, because you already look great! I sit everything, clothes, shoes, etc. out the night before in my bathroom so that I have no excuse. I brush my teeth, throw up my hair in a ponytail, and do NOTHING else! I've found mornings work great because your brain is not yet aware of the crazy things you are doing...I would be less apt to go to boot camp at night!!! As for cheap workout clothes, I don't know if they exist...Target is the closest thing to it. Let us know how it's going!