Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boot Camp Update

I promise I will have a picture of my trainer soon! It's going pretty good, I no longer feel the need to vomit like I did the first day:) I have noticed that my mind is sharper throughout the day when I work out in the am. That is....until about 4:00pm when I literally crash and burn, seriously, I haven't napped like this since college:) This boot camp has been good in so many ways. I probably won't think of them all but here are some of the reasons why I'm loving it:

  • I feel more confident about myself (at least I'm WORKING on my body, not just sitting around complaining that I could be this...or that, or used to be this...or that).
  • I'm eating better since there's NO WAY I'm gonna spoil all my hard work, and I do mean HARD, by eating a bunch of junk.
  • It's weird but like I said, I have noticed that I think clearer, I get more done during the day and stay on track - this could be because of the eating better too.
  • It's kind of been an awakening into getting back to what is good for me in my life - a little less tv, a little more outdoors, and reading, organizing, etc.
  • My energy level (besides right at 4pm) is MAGNIFICIENT!
  • I'm encouraged by how I'm SLOWLY seeing my body start to change and "remember" (that's muscle memory) how it's supposed to look:)
  • of all, since I'm doing it at 5:45 in the am, I am DONE for the day by 7:00 - that's the best feeling ever!!!!


Sarah said...

Good job! You've ALMOST convinced me. But only if it didn't involve getting up before 6:00. I'm proud of you!

Unknown said...

Great job, keep up the good work. I love early morning workouts, I can't convince myself to do it any other time of the day!