Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Vacation - Colorado 2012

We took off in early June for a much needed vacation to Colorado.  We stopped halfway in Amarillo and enjoyed a few things there first.  Then on to Denver we went, where we met up with Curtis's brother and sister-in-law and kids, Kevin, Sarah, Corbin and Emerson (hitting myself that I didn't take very many pics here) but here's why...I got sick:(  Big bummer, major altitude sickness that landed me in the hospital in Brekenridge - where we stopped on our way to our cabin in Buena Vista.  I was an old lady with an oxygen tank, but after a brief visit to ER, I felt better and we were on our way, to the cabin, to lounge around and create mischief with my side of the family.  All in all, we had fun, sad to get sick, but made the best of it.  And...really, is there any place more beautiful than Colorado???  Ok - Maui/Colorado (imagine me making an imaginary balance scale here), its a close tie, but Colorado is where we found happiness this year:)!

Cadillac Ranch - in Amarillo - our first stop, pre-sickness:)

Oh, yeah, you know we left our mark.  Thank goodness some kind folks left us some cans of partially used spray paint on the ground:)
Then on to Denver...We saw the Boulder flat irons - such beauty, but I think I was getting sick here, took a nap in the car, and I think this is when the fever started...still, it.was.gorgeous!!!

Kaden and Kinsley walking hand in hand with Emerson, that's Kevin in front.  This was the day we went to the Denver Chalk Festival - so fun!!!  So sad I didn't get more pics of Kevin and Sarah and Corbin:(  The next few days after this I just laid in their guest room bed,  sicker than a dog:(  They had fun going hiking in the mountains, etc.  They saw lots of wildlife and had tons of happy stories to tell:)

Denver Chalk Festival chalk art - these artists were amazing!

My mom with almost all her grandkids (missing Kai and Cash (in utero) here.  We were 12,000 something feet up, at Cottonwood Pass.  Girls:  Makenna, Madison, Kinsley.  Boys:  Kaden, Colton, Stewart 

Thank you Lord for beauty like this that exists for us to see here on this Earth!

Let the mischief begin - here is my sister Jayna, and my nieces Madison and Makenna with my mom.  The two in the middle and the one on the right kept us up all hours of the night laughing hysterically and creating videos of themselves saying, "Do I Know You From Somewhere?" and making crazy bizarre faces - love that I come from a super silly family such as this:)

Serious mischief makers - LOVE THEM!

I told her, "Who else gets to be this lucky?  You got to play in the snow... in the middle of the summer!" She talked all the way home about it and how she can't wait to go back to school and tell her teacher and classmates what she did this summer:)!

Alpine Lake by our cabin - we should have yodeled here;)

Mom has always had this huge dream of fly-fishing in this certain river called "Frying Pan" river, where you throw in your line and get a fish every time.  We got her as close as we could:)

This picture doesn't do it justice - such magnificience!

And me, the old lady with the tank, and no makeup:(  Still I was there, and that's something, right?