Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun Zone Birthday Party for Kaden's 9th

My son, you turned 9 this past week, 9!  That is crazy, how have 9 years of your life already gone by?  You are still my little 6 lb. baby that didn't fit in his own skin when he was born, aren't you?  Here's what I love about you being 9:

1.  You are becoming your own person, a lover of God and a Christ follower - you love to read and talk about the Bible and are so smart that you never forget any of it - and you love to challenge me and dad if we do:)!

2.  You are so smart - you love to learn, you are always up for a challenge and you thrive in competitive situations.  You love to read and cannot get your hands on enough books or take enough trips to Barnes and Noble!

3.  You are funny, seriously funny.  You get adult humor and often surprise me and dad with your "quickness" to understand funny things.

4.  You have compassion like your daddy.  You feel for people.  You do this in a quiet and controlled way, but you gently let it be known:)  I really love that about you!

5.  You are still a boy - you love leggos and Star Wars, Percy Jackson and Pirates of the Caribbean.  You go 200 percent after the things you love and you pursue them until you know them backwards and forwards.  I pray you do this for God and for the Bible all your life:)

I love you my strong, little warrior!

Water balloons for the water balloon toss turned fun fight!

Bean bag toss game we borrowed from Grandaddy!  Your team won 21 to 17 I think!

Candy prizes for the games:)  Your idea;)

The hamburger cupcakes you had to have!  I love it that you thought these were cool and they made you so happy!

Drip Drip Drench game with Kayden and Colton Morriss, Kinsley, Connor, and baby Corbin Morriss!

Party favors - bubble wands and water balloons - so they can create their own "fun zone" at home you said!

Your snack choices:)

You and your precious friend Connor

Pool time!

Your fun zone adventure table with your cookie cake!