Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kinsley's Bieber Fever Birthday Bash

Bieber Fever, my girl's got it!!!  Kinsley had her 7th birthday party back in May and it was all things Justin!  She had a few friends over to watch the Never Say Never movie, eat Bieber cake, listen to Bieber music, do Bieber inspired crafts, and dream of Bieber while they had a slumber party!  Kinsley here's a few things I love about you right now:

1.  You LOVE Justin Bieber!  It's true, love your innocence and how you just like his music and think he's cute!  May you always live in joy about things like this...

2.  You are very creative and artistic - you MUST create - you never stop creating, in all your free time you are in your art room making something.

3.  You still play with dolls - this must be that age where you are caught between growing up and being a little girl - God, I pray, the little girl part lasts longer:)

4.  You are beautiful - seriously gorgeous on the outside but equally as beautiful on the inside - always giving out-of-the-blue and for-no-reason hugs, talking about giving to others, and a loyal friend!

5.  The joy...oh so much joy, you are a cheerful and very likable girl - I love that about you.  You are positive and a dreamer - I pray you never lose that!  

I love you sweet precious baby girl!!!

Landri, Brooke, Madison, you, EmmaKay