Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Reunion in Arkansas 2011

This is the lodge where we stay

This is the pool we swim in and the lake we fish in and the view we see complete with deer grazing most of the time...

This is the porch we sit on, rock in rocking chairs, and shoot the breeze remembering reunions from years past...

This is the space where we all gather for meals, games, and memories - this year we did a Heehaw skit, that's me as the teacher with my "class", it took awhile for everyone to get "into" it but once they did we laughed and laughed - by the mom wrote the script - pretty funny!

This is my mom and one of her cousins Linda chatting and catching up...

And this, well this is a pic of my cousins Linda, Sharon, and Millie - we helped my cousin Sharon dye her hair!!!

I love being with my extended family once every year.  We eat, play Bunko, talk, laugh, have a silent auction, and just enjoy being with eachother.  

Do others of you out there have family reunions?  If so, where do you go and what do you do while there?


Sarah said...

Wow, you guys have an amazing reunion. We sometimes have family reunions, but pretty much all we do is eat. We don't go stay anywhere, just all meet at someone's house or at a park. But my extended family has to travel because they always have the reunions in Indiana. In fact, we're driving up next week for a reunion. A 19-hour road trip each way. Pray for us!