Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Incredible Man

I'm not sure how I got so blessed but I remember the day I met this man!  A boy at the time, and I was a boy-crazy teenage girl!!!  My dad told my sister and I we were getting a new pastor at our church and the first thing we asked was, "Does he have kids?  Sons?  Are they hot?"  Ha ha!  We went through this loooong line to say, "Hello" and shake all their hands...afterward my dad asked what we thought and I remember saying, "Uh...he (the pastor) can stay".  Little did I know...

Four years later I asked that boy - now a Hot college guy, to my Senior year High School Cheerleading banquet, and I'm not sure to this day why...but he said, "Yes"!  The rest is history folks!  Even though his friends gave him such a hard time...we began dating, fell in love, got married 2 years later and began a life together!

He is the most incredible man, hand-picked by God for me...everything I asked for on my "list", and the BEST father ever to our children!  

Curtis Jon Downs - you are my ROCK!  I love you more and more each day!!!  Happy Father's Day my love!!!