Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Patio(s) Renovation

I have been dying to renovate my patio's out by the pool but just have not had the time, nor the money to do it like I want am entering a contest on Making It Lovely, haven't checked out her blog???  Go!  She is amazing and along with her husband, they have completely renovated their house, and did a stinkin' good job I must say!  Plus they have two adorable kiddos!  I get so inspired when I visit her site!

Here is what my patios look like now:  (literally, I JUST went outside and snapped these picks, please forgive the trash bag with my daughters latest painting project, and the leftover trimmings from our oleander that froze this winter)!

 First patio, right outside the back door, covered - dreaming of a backyard living room, comfy cozy seating, fireplace or firepit, long breezy curtains, some type of art or sculpture on the walls, or a swing... again... - I used to have one but it broke:(

Looking at the 2nd patio from the side of the pool - this one looks out onto the yard that we have off to the side from this direction

  2nd patio looking toward the pool - All that's out there right now are things our neighbors and friends have so generously offered - thank you sweet friends!  I am dreaming of chaise lounge chairs to lay in, a table and lots of chairs filled with sweet friends, lights strung across us overhead, a cozy little nook for reading in (love the Pottery Barn one Making it Lovely has), a fountain in the middle of the patio by the hot-tub...ahhh...the possibilities are endless!!!


jenny said...

I would love to have a pool right about now, even with no patio furniture!

I know how you feel, I love to decorate and have things look pretty and I'm sure you are using the pool a lot right now. But it's really beautiful, even without a lot of decor! Maybe a fun summer project would be to find some cheap stuff off of Craigslist that you can repaint, recover, etc.?

Jara said...

Yep Jenny, we've been looking on Craigslist but I haven't found anything yet:( Ya'll need to come over soon for a cookout/swim party! Thanks for your sweet comments!