Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kinsley's Art Party

Kinsley's Birthday Party was a big success!  I think it turned out exactly how she wanted it to!

We began with the invitations:

They said:  Crayons, Paint, and Markers Galore!  A Very Artsy Celebration is in Store!  Creative, Fun, and Masterpieces Great...Come and help us Celebrate!

Didn't my hubby do an awesome job?!  

Then it was on to the food...

We went for a rainbow theme here to include all the colors, so...rainbow frosted cupcakes on an easel:)

Even the inside of the cake was rainbow!:)

Fruit in every color!  Mmmm!  We also had veggies in a variety of colors and rainbow goldfish to munch!

Now for the decor:

I got this precious idea from a party website to hang paint cans and attach tablecloths to look like spilled paint!  I thought it turned out adorable!

On to the FUN:

As each kiddo arrived they were given their very own art smock and ushered outside to create a one-of-a kind masterpiece!  I think they enjoyed not having a certain picture to paint but they were just allowed to create whatever they wanted!  The ice trays served as great paint holders - and allowed just the right amount of paint to be squeezed out without being too much!

Here's the birthday girl working hard!

Group shot of all the little artistes':)

A colorful masterpiece!

We also had a play-doh table and a drawing/coloring table set up for the party-goers to explore!

After eating cake and opening presents we were sure to get pics with all Kinsley's friends in front of the chalkboard picture frame for Thank You Notes (I actually ended up emailing all the photos to parents with a note of thanks, but it would have been super cute to make photo postcards like this, that was my original idea in the perfect world of plenty of time:)!)

For party favors each kiddo went home with their smock, their masterpiece, and a new set of watercolors!

All in all, it was a colorful, creative and artsy-rific time!!!

What other cool bday ideas have you heard of?  We love out-of-the-box parties!


sara said...

What a great party!!!!!!!!!!