Friday, July 15, 2011

ARRGH!!! Kaden's 8th Birthday Pirate Party

I can't believe my little boy is 8 years old already!!!  We celebrated with a Pirates of the Caribbean Party!  Here is the cake and snacks table!

A close up of the treasure chest - complete with Pirate Booty veggie puffs:)

Kaden was able to choose 3 friends to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie - we saw it at the imax in 3D - AWESOME!  Here he is with Colton and Kayden - two of his fave friends, and since his other friend was out of town, little sister happily filled in:)!

Birthday sign in the kitchen!

So...we totally improvised on this cake - no store around us had ANY Pirate cakes, period.  Luckily, Curtis had the idea to buy some leggo Pirates stuff and just added it to a cake a lady at Target made us to look like water and a beach!...Whew...!

The pirate loot - Kade's presents!

Another shot of the table!

I had these cute little X's and O's dishes from Pottery Barn, they are actually for Valentine's Day desserts, but for this party - the X's really marked the spot!!!  ha ha

The little scalleywag with his cake!

Family pic!  We love this boy!

Opening presents with cousin Kai, and friend Kayden!

Then it was time for a treasure hunt - thanks to my sweet hubby for making these maps right quick - each kiddo had to find 2 coins at 5 different locations, and then trade those coins in for a treasure at the end!
This is team Kins and Kayden

Team Kaden and Colton!

And the little pirateer Kai Kai!

The party ended with a dip in the pool:)  Kinsley is a scary mermaid here - if you've seen the movie, ya get it! ha ha!

Sweet birthday boy enjoying life!

Can you see them - Curtis and David - Colton and Kayden's dad!

Mom, Dad, and my bro-in-law John!  And the last pic below is of me and Stephanie - Colton and Kayden's mom!  Fun was had by all!!!