Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zebra Cupcakes!!!

We had a great day at home today!  Mostly cleaning and getting ready for Kaden's birthday party, but  Kinsley got this adorable gift for her birthday from her friends Adam and Sarah!  My friend Angie is their mom, and her mom Denise made the apron!  Such a neat alternative to toys, which neither one of my kids need ANY MORE of!!!

Here she is sporting the apron and showing off the zebra cupcake kit!  Funny story...I had also bought her a zebra print apron at Hobby Lobby to give her for this VERY SAME birthday - great minds think alike!!!  (She actually has the one I gave her underneath the one Angie, Adam, and Sarah gave her here;))

Here's my little Suzy Homemaker making the cupcakes!  She LOVES to help in the kitchen - especially when its baking:)

Ta-da!!!  Zebra cupcakes for everyone!!!  I helped make a few and Kinsley made a few!  We had them tonight as dessert after our lasagna and green beans, and they were SUPER yummy!!!  SO FUN!

I'm curious...what gifts have your children received from friends, other than toys, that you thought were neat and different?


sara said...

What a cute b-day present!!!!

Sarah said...

Love the cupcakes. Allyson's most interesting gifts this year were:
-a butterfly garden. She got about five plants that are supposed to attract different kinds of butterflies. We've seen some caterpillars and cocoons, but the butterflies disappear as soon as they hatch.
-A Disney princess scrapbook. It's been a month, and the poor girl still hasn't been able to use it because we keep forgetting to develop her pictures.

The Garrett Family said...

She's too cute in the apron! The cupcakes came out super cute too! I'm glad y'all enjoyed the gift! :)