Friday, July 16, 2010

Upcoming Anniversary VOTE!

Our 11th anniversary is coming up soon.  I've narrowed it down but maybe you can help me vote on the final place for us to go...

*Belmont Hotel

This is the Belmont Hotel located in the Oak Cliff area, very modern, which is our style, it has dive in movies in its outdoor pool, an awesome view of the skyline, a restaurant called "Smoke", and a health club.

*The Ashton

This is the Ashton in downtown Ft. Worth, close to the stockyards, sundance square, and the majestic theater.  It has a restaurant called Six 10 Grille - which supposedly is one of the best in Ft. Worth. 

*Hotel Palomar

And this is Hotel Palomar in Dallas - it has an amazing pool, modern decor, zebra robes (those of you who know me KNOW I LOVE this!!!), goldfish on request - how FUN!, restaurant central 214 - which is famous - I think there was a show about it at one time, a spa where you can get outdoor massages, across from Mockingbird Station, and by the Angelika theater

So...what's YOUR vote???


sara said...

The first one or the last one- they look so fun!

Happy 11th!

marymary said...

Definitely Palomar! There are tons of other little surprises that you'll love too! (in my expert opinion!)

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Hotel Palomar! I've always wanted to go stay there and eat at the restaurant! So fun:)

My Owl Barn said...

Wow! These all look like amazing places. My favorite is the last one. Have a good one!

Ashley McSpadden said...

Hotel Polamar! WOW it looks so neat!
Happy 11th anniversary!! 11 years down 59 to go...haha!

Staci Danford said...

I'm thinking the one with the goldfish is just too darn cute to pass up.. What a fun idea.. LOVE it.