Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Breaking News in our family...Kaden lost his first tooth! He was SUPER excited to leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy to find! Can you see it? He has teeny tiny teeth (like cat teeth we say:)). And find it she did! The next morning he came running down to our room and said, "Mom, the tooth fairy came!!!" "And she left a dollar in the exact same spot where my tooth was!" Awesome.

This would be his toothless grin but he already has two permanent teeth coming in on the bottom! Poor baby, I think he inherited my teeth, of which some had to be pulled still when I was 13 and getting my braces on!:) is a milestone, and just another reminder that my baby boy is growing up.

Besides...I'm wondering...what IS the going rate for teeth these days??? What does YOUR tooth fairy leave for your kids? Any comments would be appreciated, we want to make sure OUR tooth fairy isn't ripping us off:)


Sarah said...

Yay, Kaden! Our tooth fairy used to leave a dollar for Ethan, and I suppose she'll be leaving a dollar for Allyson one of these days. The problem is, teeth always seem to fall out at inopportune times, and sometimes the tooth fairy doesn't have any cash on her!