Friday, July 9, 2010

7 Years

This is my sweet boy at about 9 months old.

And this is my baby boy today!  7 years old!!!

Donuts for breakfast this morning with Ipod in tow!  Pre-birthday haircut!

And with his packages that came in the mail today!  Sweet and excited birthday boy!

I can't believe you are seven today Kaden!  It seems like yesterday we were going to the hospital to have you!  You are the sweetest little man ever!  You love movies, laugh at all things that are typical "boy" humor, love to build things with leggos - especially star wars stuff, love to set up "scenes" with all your army men and superhero characters, love your Wii, are soooo super smart - scary smart even - we think you might have a photgraphic memory!  

It has been a joy watching you grow, I have loved observing your inquisitive mind, learning how to play the Wii with you, watching every single Star Wars movie ever made with you, and I have especially loved watching you grow to LOVE the Lord - boldly, with passion and innocent trust!  I pray you only continue to grow stronger in HIM each day!  Happy Birthday precious boy!  We love you!

Top Ten Memories with Kaden (these past 7 years):
1.  Having a version to deliver you - you were breech - still very strongheaded:)
2.  When you used to say, "I wanna waaa wiwige" -"I wanna watch wiggles" - oh yeah, you LOVED them, yep TONS of blackmail videos for when you are older of you dancing and singing to their songs:)
3.  When you fell out of the cart at Marshalls and we had to rush you to the emergency room 8 days before Christmas - when we got there you looked up at the painted ceiling tiles and laughed because there was an octopus painted on there like the one on Wiggles;) - then you wanted a popscicle!
4.  Taking you and Kinsley to Disneyland
5.  Your preschool years and how you wow'd your teachers with all you knew already!
6.  Watching you walk into Kindergarten full of confidence and already talking the girls ears off!
7.  Cuddling on the couch during countless hours of Star Wars
8.  When we bought this house, and your first day in the pool
9.  Playing hours of Wii with you and laughing when you'd get so mad I didn't know how to do it like you did!
10.  Talking about God and Jesus with you and all the questions that come with that!!!


Staci Danford said...

How darling.. and my friend I can tell you that before you know it 7 more years will slip right by. My now "big" boy is 20 years old....and I still remember like yesterday him walking across the hall to his Kinder class thinking my baby had totally grown up. WOW how it flew... Blessing to you and your days ahead. May they all be filled with giggles and gladness.