Monday, May 17, 2010

Shopaholic Monday:) Getting ready for SUMMER!!!

Not really sure why this is underlining everything, but..oh well:

Let's face it ladies, swimsuit season is upon us! I always dread going swimsuit shopping each year, can I get an amen?! In fact, the past two years I've just worn the same suit to avoid the shopping nightmare! It has gotten streched out to the point where this year I'll be right ba
ck out there with the rest of you! In fact, if you're like me, people only see your swimsuit when you are slipping ever so quickly out of the pool, in that few seconds before you can reach your towel to quickly wrap around yourself, right??? Or when you are laying out, completely flat on the ground where magically you have a flat tummy again:) Therefore, a cute cover-up is ever so essential! Yes, I'll be looking for the most flattering bathing suit I can find...but until then, here's some purchases I actually enjoy making!!!!:)

I think these are all from Just Add Water
I love these precious terrycloth one piece jumpers - I've seen some Ralph Lauren ones at Marshalls I dig!

This is a little bit bohemian, a little bit glamour! This color would look awesome with a good tan I think!

And last but not least, a cute little number for all you metallic fans!

Treat yourself to a little summer fun - get your essentials ready...dig out your bathing suits, evaluate, do you need a new one? Just a cute cover-up to go with? Search out your options before you shop - what style, where to get it, how much, etc??

Do you need a new beach towel - these too, are equally fun to buy!

What about a beach/pool bag? I always love the huge raffia type ones, but I'm loving all the bright colors this summer too!
Time for a pedicure? Schedule your appointment - better yet, go with friends and out to brunch before or after! Tight budget? - it's just as fun to declare yourself a spa night - take a hot bath, soak your tootsies, rub with lotion, pick out a cute new color (what do ya'll think about the turquoise I've seen all over this spring? - I kinda like it!), cut, file, paint, enjoy!!!!

Find small ways to make it fun! After all, it's about the little things in life, ya know?!!!


Unknown said...

I love that bohemian cover up, I need to get something like that. I too dread swimsuit season, but all you have to do is go to the local pool, lake or a water park and you will see so many different body types that you will instantly start feeling better about yourself :)