Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kinsley's Pre-K Graduation!!!

So my little baby girl graduated from Pre-K this last week! I can't believe it, it has FLOWN by! There she is right in the middle of the two boys with blue shirts on! I was so emotional! I know people say it goes by fast but it REALLY does. If you have little ones, just ENJOY your time with them - before you know it you'll be having to look back at pictures just to remember them at certain ages and stages! I have had a blast having Kinsley at preschool with me. It has been a blessing to be able to peek into her room when I want, go steal a quick hug, have her wave to me in the halls and blow kisses. I will truly miss that! I am excited for this next phase of her life, and will cherish the memories we made during the preschool one!

Here she is with two of her preschool buddies, Katie, and Blakely - these girls have been together since they were babies - another thing that made me sad - they will each go to different elementary schools next year:( Hopefully we'll catch up with them in the later years!

We love our little graduate!

She was so proud to have her Grammy there! These two are "thick"!