Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Re: Solutions!!!

Our church is about to start a new series of sermons called re:solutions! I'm excited about it and can't wait to report - our pastor has been "on fire' the last couple of weeks and his sermons have been challenging but VERY GOOD!!!!

So...what are your resolutions for 2010? What are your goals I should say???? You know, you can't ever reach a goal if you don't have some, right?

So here are mine for the year!

Be a better Christian: this is me challenging myself to dig deeper into the word, to make a list of things I want to learn about and then look for them in the bible, take bible studies to learn about them, etc. I also hope to pray more and write more in my "But God" book - my mom gave me this years ago, and it truly is one of my favorite things ever!!! You write your prayer requests to God, and then as they are answered, you record to show, "I asked for this, BUT GOD....". It's amazing how many times God has answered my prayers but in a totally different way then I expected and a totally MORE INCREDIBLE way than I ever dreamed! I also want to read the Bible to my kids more, I want to make it part of our before bed routine, along with another book of their choice:) - and make part of talking about God/Jesus part of our EVERY DAY routine - in all things!

Be a better wife: Curt deserves so much more than I ever give him, he's amazing and I want to be a better wife to him. I want to go back to that puppy love stage where I used to surprise him with silly notes, call him "just because", get excited about cooking him dinner, dressed up for date nights, etc. I also want to work to give him the wife he married back somewhat - that means getting myself to the gym. I say this for two reasons, I know I'll never be as small as I was when we got married, but I want to at least work on it - daily, even if only 15 min. a day:) I also know that when I feel better about myself, I'll be a happier person and therefore treat him better:)

Be a better mom: Leave notes in the kids lunches, have calm bath/bed times, not wait until the last minute and then yell and scream, "It's time for bed!", spend more time with them - actually being present, not just there physically but mentally as well, do more crafts, go on surprise trips, sit and talk, have dinner more often at the table and happy conversation, teach them to love eachother and not to fight so much, teach them to earn money and be appreciative of what they get, not spoiled:) Love on them, every day - find the things they LOVE to do and do those things with them or encourage them to pursue these things more.

Be a better friend: This one is hard for me, I LOVE my friends so much but often find myself putting them on the backburner to work, family, life, etc. I want all my friends to know they are incredibly special to me and I want to tell them this, in letters, by having them over for dinner, being there when they really need it, not just when its convenient, going out for coffee/or hot chocolate/tea in my case, being available to watch their kids if they need a break, a date night, etc. Just giving more of myself for them.

Be a better me: I want to take time to do the things that make me a happier person, bible study, working out, painting, crafting, cooking, loving, living, etc. I just want to take each day and enjoy it for what it is, praise God for it, and have no regrets. I am so blessed and this year I want to live that like I KNOW it! God truly is incredible and I thank him for my incredible life! to get that all done in a year...I'm not sure, but one day at a time will be my motto: not worrying about tomorrow but living in the present - and looking upward and forward to all God has in store for me!!!!


Amanda said...

Wow, Jara. I sat down on New Year's day and wrote almost the same basic resolutions. Not exact, but very similar. I also resolved to just take it one day at time and I might get everything done on my list, and I might not, but I want to strive towards those goals. Good luck with yours! :)

The Garrett Family said...

Mine are similar to yours. We can help each other be accoutable. I understand what you mean about wanting to be a better Christian, wife, mom, friend, etc, but don't be too hard on yourself. You are already awesome in all of those areas! :)

Sarah said...

These are very honorable goals, Jara. I pray that striving for them enriches your life.

My main goals are:
-to spend more time talking and praying with my children, being present with them (as you said) in the moment
-to make time to spend with my husband on a daily basis, and extra time at least once a week. Plus date nights.

You know, I'd be happy to trade childcare with you for date nights if that would work for you!

Unknown said...

Great resolutions, thanks for sharing and inspiring! I love the start of a New Year: so many possibilities!