Monday, January 18, 2010

Picnic Perfect

My sweet hubby called me today to see if we wanted to meet him at the park for lunch, its a beautiful day here in Texas! So of course I said, "YES!", because who could resist using this cute little picnic basket? It was a wedding gift to us 10 years ago, and who could resist spending time with my three most favorite people in the world???

My three most favorite people in the world!

Me with my favorite boy and favorite girl! ...and crazy windy hair:)

My favorite man and daddy, and fave girl! How cute is this, I'm sure she was talking her head off about something, and he just smiles:) - I love that man!!!

All three again, sooooo cute!

And what would a picnic in the park be without a nature walk? Kinsley was digging the acorns out so the squirrels would find them easier:)

Sweet little nature boy!

This one I just love! Why are bridge pictures always so cute? We had a really good, and fun day!


marymary said...

Jara, I like "back" your bridge picture is so cute to me! I had fun with your kids in church Sunday!

Sarah said...

That picnic basket is so romantic! I hope just the two of you make use of it sometimes.