Sunday, January 3, 2010

My house - Christmas Decorations!

Welcome to our house! I am doing this partly to remember what all I did this year to make it easier on me next year, and partly to see what I might want to add/change for next year! Anyway, come on in and enjoy the little tour!

This is the front of our house during the day!

And here it is at night! - My good friend, Kendra's husband put up our lights for us this year - what a blessing!

This is the wreath on my front door, in the middle of that ornament hanging down it says, "Joy" - yep, that about sums it up around here during Christmas!!!!

This is my living room, my husbands company gifted us this huge tree, I LOVE it!

This basket is on my coffee table full of ornaments and pine cones:)

This year we had to put two tables together for all of Curt's family to come and have a place to eat! Thanks Amy for letting me borrow your table! Here's what I came up with to decorate in the middle:) - Thanks Mom, for the red sticks - I think they looked great!

My mom gave me this beautiful manger scene a couple of years ago, it sits on the ledge between the breakfast room and the kitchen!

My friend Misty gave me these beautiful candle holders, they are in our bedroom on the dresser, with this runner:)

We count down the days in the kitchen on this little chalkboard!

And these are my fave - they belonged to my grandmother and sat on her table every Christmas! Many happy memories when I see these each day of long leisurely big breakfasts, and opening stockings to the smell of coffee and bacon! They are so old, but so cute - I LOVE them!

I hope each of you had a cozy Christmas! We enjoyed being with all the family this year and pray for each and every one of you to have a very blessed 2010!!!!